Can FL WDW AP s buy FL RESIDENT tickets for their Grand Children?

We are FL AP s and wanted to know if we can purchase FL resident tickets for our minor grand children. We know we can’t purchase adult tickets. We have read on other blogs etc, that the minor children do not have to be present when the Fl resident ticket purchases are made. Also heard that disney cannot ask a minor child where they live or how old they are in relation to ticket purchases. We have also heard that Disney is OK with this for the minor children. Specifically ages five and nine.

There was a Backside of a Magic podcast episode where they discussed this. I know it ended up where they were allowed to buy it. Maybe find that espisode and listen?

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Thank you for your reply. Any hope I had of making money have already sailed away on Captain Hook’s pirate ship. My ideas up in smoke and pixie dust.


PT, I think Backside Jeremy’s parents live in FL…so this happens each year for his daughter’s ap(I remember being jealous of that option when listening). I do remember them saying that his mother does usually accompany them on the day it gets activated to ease the process. So, yes, I’m pretty sure WDW isn’t going to care…until 18…then it’s going to be a horse of a different color. :slight_smile:

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