Can extended park hours also extend to later restaurant hours for ADR's ? Planning logistics

We would really love to watch Illuminations at Epcot then head over to the Flying Fish for a later dinner in July at 9:25pm. I just don’t think it will be feasible. If people are leaving the parks later, would they stay open later?

Is your ADR at 9:25? I think if you watch from the bridge you may be 2-3 minutes late, but you could make it. IllumiNations is 20 minutes?

IllumiNations lasts for 12 minutes. Leave immediately after it’s finished and you’ll be fine.


The best I can tell, Flying Fish’s hours are pretty set and pretty much the same throughout the year. The only times they seem to be open later is when they have some sort of special event going, like the New Years Eve meal they did.

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Thanks! I was seriously thinking about just doing the full speed walk with purpose!

Yes, it’s at 9:25. Nice relaxing meal and still get as much park hours as we can!

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This should be super easy. Just watch from the bridge near France and head over.

The resort restaurants operate independently of park hours.