Can Everyone Connected in MDE make fast pass reservations for each other?

Sorry if this is such a basic question, but I did some searching and didn’t find an answer.

When I connected our Kidani Village reservation to my MDE I added my wife and two sons 13 and 15 to the reservation as my guests. At some point in that process, I swear the system said something to the effect of I will be “managing” them for the trip. I realized after it would be better for all of them to make their own MDE accounts and then I invited them to connect and we replaced the placeholder guests with their accounts. My question is am I still the “manager” of these people or do we all have equal power, specifically with making FP? Simply put, can we all make and modify FPP for each other? And if so, is this not a good strategy 60 days out to get everyone up early to make FPP for different days? I ask because nothing I read suggests such a thing, it’s always advice about ONE person making the FPP for a group. I’m not saying I COULD actually get my kids up at 5:30AM Central to do it but…

Thank you,

You can definitely do this and have each other make fast passes for each other. My FP window is Friday morning, and my wife and I will both be up making separate reservations. I’ll do AK while she does HS, etc.

Awesome! Thank you. Not to convince them of the wisdom of this approach :slight_smile: