Can Celiac's eat at Disney Safe?

As a celiac, just looking for tips on where & what to eat at MK. Thanks

There isn’t really anywhere that will say 100% that there could never be contamination but they prep gluten free meals in separate kitchens/areas/fryers.

Here are some websites that might help you:

My family eats gluten free but also vegan so not sure you’d want my top suggestions unless you really like vegan also? I would recommend the Gluten Free Beignets at Port Orleans French Quarter though (even though they happen to be vegan also). You have to ask about getting them when you order. Very unique, I’d make a special trip there even if not at that resort :smile:

How did you eat vegan at POFQ? We were there last night so I could get the GF beignets but my friend who has moved from vegetarian to vegan could only find a salad.

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I’ll tag @mALYficent for you. She has tons of knowledge about gluten-free options at WDW.

Also, this blog has some good restaurant reviews on the subject.

I am gluten and dairy free and did well on my trip in Dec, but one piece of advice would he that it was much easier at the ADR table service to get quality chef time since you let them know ahead of time. Counter service was ok too - but less attention and therefore a little less comfort with eating it.

I’d get the gluten free in disney app and check out menus ahead of time or on your way to eat to be prepared - especially with counter service.

Thanks for the tag @SallyEppcot!

If you’re only wondering about MK, then I highly recommend Columbia Harbour House as a quick service option. The chicken tenders there were fantastic and their honey mustard sauce is also safe. Typically the way it works at quick service restaurants when food allergies is that the manager will come out and go through what is safe on the menu. Sometimes this means they will just hand you an ingredient binder and you have to read it yourself. However recently they’ve been moving to an allergen menu at some places where it just says on the menu what is safe and what needs substitutions. In this case, I beleive the manager still prepares your order separate from the regular food prep areas to minimize cross contamination issues.

Are you in the parks right now, or are you planning for a trip down the road? I used a few websites when I was planning my trip. Two were blogs, Gluten Free in Orlando and also the one mentioned above, Gluten Free Dairy Free in Disney World. The third website is They have all restaurants throughout Disney property and people have submitted reviews based on how comfortable they felt and how the food was. Also the Gluten Free Disney Dining app is about $3 in the Apple Store but it’s well worth it.

There are other great places to go throughout Disney so feel free to PM me if you need some advice for other areas besides MK!

Columbia house has a dedicated fryer and is pretty knowledgeable about gluten allergies. POFQ cafeteria is where the Orlando celiac community meets, so it must be pretty good.

@alitig1 We were staying at POR last trip so we just went to POFQ for the beignets. But a salad is great for me for a quick serve. POR was very good to my family for our needs so we had lots to choose from there (just had to talk to the chef every time so that takes about 15 - 20 minutes to get the food).

Do they just have the GF beignets at POFQ in the morning or all day?

All day long!

Woohoo! Thanks.