Can canceled trip still work

So I we had a big family trip planned but a few months out my mother in law was diagnosed with cancer and obviously couldn’t go so we decided not to take the kids and canceled(3months before) our Disney reservation for and adults only at universal the same week. I got my deposit back and everything but I still got my magic bands and I just checked my account and it’s given me a room number and looks like I could just go there now and use my tickets but I never paid for it. How is this possible.

You don’t get a room number until check in. So this confuses me

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I did do an early check in 180 day before when I was still making meal reservations but I canceled those when I canceled my trip. and it’s got a list of all my meal credit from a dinning plan and says I have all the park tickets true. Im not sure what’s going on but I’m tempted to use the magic bands I have and see what happens since I’m only a little bit away a universal. I can’t find anything online that says this has ever happened to someone else.

Early check in does not provide you a room number

You know you didn’t pay for it (or did, but were refunded). If you try to take advantage of a glitch, it’s theft.

My mom handled the money side of it and now she isn’t sure if it was refund

Was today check in day? It sounds like an active reservation- call!


When I called Disney about this for a similar situation (I wasn’t going to pay down remaining balance until later), they said they still send out the magic bands at the 30Day period but if you cancel, the bands just become inactive. However, you said you cancelled months out? Not sure why they would still send the bands out.

So if everything is still up and running, its possible it’s all just “what would have been”, but getting a room number and bands seems more like a reservation that wasn’t canceled as @PrincipalTinker suggests. Because I can’t imagine they would let that go.