Can anyone tell me about the Fountains Resort?

I am helping a friend with a trip he is taking next month. I have been focusing on the second half of his week which is scheduled to be at Walt Disney World. His wife said she had the first part of the trip all set. Today she said they will be staying at the Fountains Resort from April 20-23. This is their Universal part of the trip. I have tried looking online. I can see it is a timeshare. Has anyone stayed there? I am looking for information about transportation. As of today, they have not even talked about a rental. Is there transportation to Universal?

No clue about the transportation, but I’ve stayed there using blue green timeshare points compliments of my mother in law. Rooms were awesome. Big pool. convenient to wdw

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Thanks! That will make the husband feel so much better about this!

That resort is way down I drive past SeaWorld, and their website says nothing about shuttle buses to Uni. Rent a car, and be sure to stay off I4 in that area, take Turkey Lake up to Sand Lake and enter Uni on the west side.

Thanks so much! They were going to be standing at the airport without a car! They now have a rental!