Can a party of 2 take an ADR for 4?

I searched, but couldn’t find anything about this. Is there a problem if two people take an ADR for a party of 4 people? I’ve noticed that they seem to be available on occasion when nothing is showing for just 2 people. Never tried it. Not even sure the system will allow it if guest 3 & 4 aren’t entered into the reservation when it’s made. But I’m curious (and tempted obviously) so I thought check with those in the know. :slightly_smiling_face:

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As long as someone turns up then it’s fine.

You can try to modify it after booking but if it won’t let you don’t worry about it.


Totally fine. If it’s a place you can check in on the app just choose the number of people you actually have at that time. Or just tell them when you check in.

We do this all the time because it’s easier to find reservations for 4!


Thanks everyone. I did it and successfully moved an existing reservation up 2 hours to a much more desirable time slot for us. Now we’re looking over other potential restaurants previously unavailable since the only reason we really go to WDW in the first place is to go out for dinner. :wink: