Can a dining reservation be transferred to another person?

I know someone who can’t use her BOG reservation. Can she transfer it to me or do I just have to be ready to book it when she releases it?

I don’t think she can transfer it. You either have to be ready to pick it up when she cancels it or if she is a close friend - you could ask if she will let you just use her name to check in. I have done this with my sister before - no one asks you to prove your name. She just has to trust you that you wouldn’t bag out and cause the no- show fee on her card.



My sister and niece went in the spring and wanted CRT. I was able to snag one for her using ResFinder. I gave her the option to either coordinate for a drop/pickup or to just check in as me. She did the latter and it was no big deal.

Thanks. I think I will use her name. She suggested that too. Hope they won’t say anything. Her name doesn’t match my appearance at all.

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They don’t question it at all. You’ll be fine