Can a 20 year old accompany parents into Trader Sam's after 8 PM?

I see Trader Sam’s policy against youngsters after 8 PM. But for late night - and I mean after midnight - food, Trader Sam’s looks awfully good.

Are they likely to card my 20-year old daughter only if she attempts to order a cocktail (which she won’t) or are they liable to catch on to her age right away, when we try to enter?

What I’m asking about is whether anyone here knows how firm Disney is, about kids with parents, when the kids are almost 21.


I was carded at the door when I went after 8 in June (and again when I ordered a drink).

ETA: did not realize this was for DLR, my experience was at WDW

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You may not be able to enter (and not just because of your daughters age, it is very small and gets crowded easily), however there is seating outside where you can get food and drinks. We sat out there at 10 pm with our not yet teen boys.

This is great information, jenn94 and Mrs.BarbsWildRide. Thank you both.

I can’t say for sure about Trader’s, but Jellyroll’s, the other 21 and over club in WDW is very strict about under 21 entering, even with parents.