Can 2 memory makers share 1 photo?

we purchased a ‘Memory Maker’ and We are traveling with another group that has also purchased their own ‘Memory Maker’. (I know, we could have shared. But it’s too late now)
Anyways, If we were to get a group shot with everyone in the picture, can the photographer scan both our magic bands so that the picture shows up on both our memory maker packages? Or will they only be able to scan one magic band?

It’s not to late to return one of them unless you have both started using them. I was able to be refunded for one I had bought a couple months ago.

OK I will try that. I thought I read that there was NO refunds. Doesn’t hurt to try.

FWIW, I was completely changing my package so that may have helped my case. We went from a package to room only with APs. It can’t hurt to try, like you said. Do report back and let us know how it goes.