Camping with an RV

We are thinking of staying at the Wilderness campground in our 24 foot campground. Can we use one of the Tent/pop up campsites or are we required to use the preferred RV sites?

I’m not sure what you are allowed to do, but you should be aware that the preferred sites are the ones closest to the boat dock and the restaurants. You really aren’t paying for a larger campsite - you are paying to be close to this area. We always choose to stay there because unless you have a golf cart, it will be a really, really long walk to the boat dock. It is just MUCH more convenient to stay in a preferred site. On a side note, you really should give Fort Wilderness a try … it is great! We have stayed there many times and have always had a fantastic experience.

Use the Touring Plans site browser to see the differences in sites. I recommend Ft. Wilderness for camping whole heartedly; and a golf cart is nice to have.