Camelbak mini mule for kids

First trip in Oct!! Considering these small packs for our kids (10 and 7) to carry their own water and snacks. How much trouble are they for rides? Would they have to remove?

They would probably need to remove from most rides - if only for comfort. I’m not sure what the rules are for wearing a backpack on all rides but I would think it would be uncomfortable to sit in a seat (think roller coaster) with that on my back.
Those are really cool though - I didn’t realize they made them for kids. Might check these out for the day trips/hikes we take with our kids!

I rode with my purse on all of the rides I went on. If they flipped them to the front, or put them on the floor, I think they would be fine.

The best thing about a Camelbak for kids is that when they complain that it’s heavy you can just say “Well drink some water and it’ll get lighter!”. I’m pretty sure they need to be removed for a ride with shoulder restraints, and I doubt that they’d be allowed to stay on for any other “thrill” ride, because you need to be able to sit back. If that’s your main concern then I’d suggest getting the fanny-pack style instead. They also do not hold very much except water… maybe a snack bag of pretzels in the front and a cookie in the smaller top pocket? That front pocket is pretty small even on an adult-size MULE.

Thanks, all. Thinking we’ll skip them since I want them to be able to carry more than just water :slight_smile: