Calling with Spenco Sandals

@pod4christ, I need your help choosing my spenco sandals. I have really high arches and hate the thingy between my toes so I'm deciding between Jari and Tori Kholo. I prefer the look of the Jari but are the soles the same? Or is one more arch supportive? Thanks in advance. You rock!

And feel free to call out to me when you have an infection question smile

Hi! Go with the design you like better (Jari) because the soles are the same. From Soenco's website "All SpencoĀ® Footwear features our patented TOTAL SUPPORTĀ® Footbed. ". Glad to help out. I'll be sure to take you up on the ID question. You guys rock! smiley

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Thanks! You can watch me try to quell fears about Ebola on NBC in Chicago at 5pm smile


Wow that would be cool if you could post a link! Way to go, you!!!

That's awesome!

I live in Lake Geneva and will be sure to watch!

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I saw you Alice! I assume you were the infection specialist talking about preventing the Ebola spread. Nice job! Are you a member of the Chicago area Liners group?

Yep. That was me. I missed it but I'm guessing it will be available online.

I just recently learned about the Chicago liner group and am trying to get involved.

@snowdiz I lived in Fontana on Lake Geneva every Summer of my life until we sold our house last Fall. Small world!

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If it shows up online, please post a link!

@pod4christ do u recommend a spenco insole for non-sneakers? The proform instead of walker/runner?

Yes, absolutely. If there's room in the shoes I would wear them.

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Here's the link:!/on-air/as-seen-on/Chicago-Hospitals-Ready-for-Ebola-Virus/270062451


Excellent! A famous Liner in our midst! I'm disappointed you weren't able to work all of your Liner friends into the conversation though person_frowning

Just kidding! You did a great job!

That. Was. AWESOME!!! Great job!


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Thanks, everyone!

Just wanted to add that I bought a pair of the Tori Kholo (in the bright "tennis ball" color option!) and they've really been a savior to me during the month we've been down in Orlando. I wear them ALL the time as a slide/slipper (even if I get up to hit the restroom in the middle of the night) around the apartment, etc. for the support, which I can obviously note. Haven't tried in the parks (I tend to run or walk quickly from place to place and pretty much stick with tennis shoes). I hadn't seen the Jari before and really like the dressier option and am considering the splurge on those now!

As far as inserts though, I got the runner/walker ones recommended before we'd moved here and wore them for a morning at a local amusement park and was in agonizing pain from them (mostly heel pain - heel spurs). Is there a better option? I've found the slides so helpful but after that experience am afraid to try the inserts again. Thanks for any suggestions/help!

@marciemiwi Sorry to hear about the inserts. Like shoes everyone will be comfortable in different styles. The Spenco Total Support inserts are probably the most similar to the sandals. Like any insert it's a good idea to break them in. Wear them 1 hour the first day, 2 hours the 2nd day, 3 hours the 3rd day etc... If they don't help you may need a pair off custom made orthotics. Hope this helps!