Calling Disney

Need to add a person to my reservation, on the web, it says to call. After about 4 minutes of information, that I already saw online, the automation asked what I wanted, and my reservation number. It then said my wait time could be in excess of 90 minutes. After prompting me to go MDE to check for a make changes button(already done that, it says call), the system estimated 102 minutes, and offered me a call back. That was 18:00 CDT, I’ll let y’all know how it goes.

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Good luck to you. I called this morning to guest services from my resort room and it was picked up right away. They handled my resort issue and then I needed to update my DH’s DME arrangement for today. They transferred me to them which I guess was the regular resort line because after an hour on hold we gave up and went to the park. I guess they will figure it out when/if DH and DS’s get here. Major Southwest issues today also from STL.

108 minutes later, they called back. Less than two minutes after that, a real person got on the line and, in 5 minutes I have added a person to my reservation, had my questions answered, and taken the survey.

I’m ready to declare the call back system, a success.