Calling and being added to the wait-list?

Has anyone had experience with calling a Universal T.S. restaurant and being added to the wait list? For example, you decide you’d like Mythos and you are on the opposite end of that park, so you call them up and find out what the wait is, get added to the wait list and walk over.

I guess that is two questions one for in the park and one for City Walk.

We probably won’t eat at the resorts often since we’ll probably just snack in our room.

When we went in August it was miserable to try to get a seat in a Q.S. place because of the spacing requirements. So for April our plan is to mostly either eat at snack carts, table service or in our room. So, basically avoiding Q.S. interior seating. Also, we will be staying onsite for the first time so we’ll try some city walk in the evenings. We’ve only done Toothsome so far. We will do each of the HP restaurants on an off time just so that the people coming with us can experience it.

Have not tried to call on a wait list but I have made day of reservations a few hours before at Mythos.

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FYI, to anyone else needing this info. I called the phone# and they said that there was no minimum period of time before a reservation. So, theoretically someone could call at 11:30 for a noon reservation from the other side of the park. The order of seating in most non-Resort restaurants is Reservations, Premier Hotel Guests, Walk-Ups.