Calling all TP Gurus

MK visit on June 29th, 2015 with start time zero dark early. Staying Off site, so expecting 7DMT FFP sold out.

I would appreciate any comments on this MK TP. We love visiting WDW and the thought of returning makes us happier than a puppy with two tails. Our group is a hardy bunch, ages 10 to 60 and well versed in RD requirements. This isn’t our first WDW rodeo but it is our first visit since FFP was instituted and the addition the the Enchanted Forest section of Fantasy-land. Therefore, I am a little unsure of my TP. I am also concerned that securing a 4th FPP for SM for 5:30 PM will be tougher than eating a $2 steak

Any comments are greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.
(thanks it is public now)

You’ll need to make the TP public before anyone can read it… But I think you are correct regarding an FPP for SM after 5:30…

You may be able to get SDMT at the 30 day mark. We were.

On a 6 crowd level day, were able to get additional FPP for later in the day for Space Mountain, but not Splash Mountain.

Hello! I am curious about your FPP times. They need to be an hour apart, so you can’t have them at 11:30, 11:57, and 12:15. The best you could do is 10:30-11:30, 11:30-12:30, and 12:30-1:30. I think that will change your plan a bit. Good luck!

I see a number of issues.

  1. The FPP timings as mentioned ny @Wahoohokie. You’re within your 60 day windo. You should get “actual” FPPs, enter those times, and reoptimize; that will likely change a LOT of things…
  2. Tiki Room and CBJ both show 5 min waits. Could be 5 - or could be 15 if you just miss the start of a show. Same thing applies to the 1 min wait for CoP.
  3. “0” wait for RR is unrealistic - unless there happens to be a train at the station when you walk up to it. Same for mono to CR (unless that’s built into the 30 min “duration” time - the actual ride is only about 5 min).
  4. I think 30 min is an unrealistically short time for TSI. The duration has to take into account the raft ride to the island, exploring (I can spend 45-60 minutes doing this), waiting for the raft back, and the raft ride itself. I would use at least 60 for this experience.
  5. I’ve noticed that you aren’t planning on watching the Festival of Fantasy parade. I’m not much of a “parade person”, but this one is really quite spectacular; I would call it “not to be missed”. Even if you don’t watch it, you have a number of FrL transits planned for the time of the Parade; the closed streets and crowded sidewalk areas will make these transits very slow going.
  6. It looks like you must have your walking speed set to “run”; I think many of the times are unrealistic given late June crowds - especially if you have a larger group and some are younger kids (even worse if you will have a stroller).
  7. Based on personal experience, I think the TP wait times for HM and Pooh are very optomistic

In general, I think you could get everything on your plan done in one day, but doing it all by 6:00 PM may be unrealistic. Are you planning on returning to the MK after dinner for MSEP and/or Wishes? If you are, you might want to consider moving a few thing to after dinner.


WOW…great stuff. I thought I had this one nailed down, but obviously not. Thanks for all of those great suggestions.

The first thing I noticed is that you won’t be able to make advance FPP reservations for the times you listed. When making FPP reservations in advance, you can’t have more than one during the same time hour long block, so if your first FPP is at 11:30 AM, then your next advance FPP reservation can’t be until 12:30 PM. If you’re pretty confident about the time you’ll arrive at Splash, then make your reservation for that 10:45-11:45, then your Big Thunder FPP can be for 11:45-12:45. Since you won’t be able to make a Jungle Cruise FPP until 12:45, save that for after lunch and maybe see the Tiki Room during that time instead.

Might want to add a “break” to remind yourself to get a 4th FPP after Jungle Cruise. There are FPP kiosks right next to that attraction, though there may be a line, so I’d allocate about 10 minutes for that.

I think your “Train from Frontier to Tomorrow” is either in the wrong place or mislabled, since it is listed after you’ve already gone to Tomorrowland for Carousel of Progress. There’s also no train stop in Tomorrowland, so the closest you’ll be able to get in the New Fantasyland station.

If you can get an earlier Space Mountain FPP, then take it, since you’ll probably be able to get another for Buzz, which will save you some waiting.

I think your wait times would be based on last year’s very low late June crowds. It was wonderful last year, but I would assume larger crowds and longer waits than predicted. That way if it is like last year, the low crowds will be a magical gift.

Thanks again guy’s for the great input.