Calling All Spreadsheets and Lists!


I'm a newbie to WDW (although a lifelong Disney visitor) and have seen several references to and requests for helpful planning spreadsheets, packing lists, etc. So I thought I'd do a call for everyone's favorite and/or most valued spreadsheets, check lists, templates, etc. Thank you in advance!






You may find something else on this if you have time to look.

At a loss

Here is the forum page with all the links


@musictomyears here is the spreadsheet I built to plan out my trip in May. Colour-coding is for TS meals, CS meals, FPP's, entertainment, plans (ie. touring, shopping), regular park hours, EMH park hours, and I think that's all of them haha


My "spreadsheet". wink


I LOVE spreadsheets! Thank you! SFL.


smiley too funny. That's an "old school" PC!


The link above is no longer in use. This is the updated link.


If I showed you my planning spreadsheet you’d probably lose the will to live (I’m a massive overplanner)… :joy: