Calling all September 2016 Liners!

Facebook group has been created:

Please join us!

We’re going end of September. Just asked to join!

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We’re heading down between the 10-18th. Just asked to join the group!

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Tentatively thinking end of August first week of September. Aptly named AP madness in my trips. Sent my request.

Heading there the end of September and just requested to join. I’m new to these forums, but used TP and Unofficial Guide on our trip last year. Such a wealth of knowledge here.

Yay! New members!

We are headed there at the end of September. We are excited to try our first ever MNSSHP! I just asked to join.

We’re up to 45 members and counting… :slight_smile:


And it’s a great group :wink:

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Going September 29th and asked to join as well!

Just sent my request. We are going Sept 3-10

We will be there the first week. Originally going the 2nd week but we moved it up to not get caught in the F&W festival. I sent a request to join.

Just Booked end of August until September 5,

We are going the last week in September! This will be our second MNSSHP and third trip as a family with our daughters (9 and 6). We have officially turned into Disney junkies after our trip last year (which included the Disney cruise and MNSSHP). I’m off Facebook for Lent, but will request to join the group after Easter!

Exact dates aren’t nailed down yet, but either 9/9-9/17 or 9/10-9/18! I can’t wait!!! Just requested to join the group :slight_smile:

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We are going September 10-17th!!! Can’t get here soon enough!!!

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The group is really hopping! We need more more more! lol

We’re headed down 9/21-9/28. ADR dates are coming up fast! Gotta get my pecking order worked out =) Just sent request.

Will be there Sept. 18-23 … sending request to join!