Calling all Restaurants

Is it possible to call Epcot restaurants directly to book a reservation? I can’t find a single restaurant reservation for thanksgiving…

Those have been booked for weeks now. But you can keep a watch and grab something if someone cancels. I know ppl have reservation finding tools


It’s not at all unusual for Thanksgiving reservations to book up at the 180 day mark. I don’t think you’d get anywhere calling the restaurants directly b/c they have the same availability as the main system. But, it’s also very likely that you can get a cancellation. Just stalk My Disney Experience. Even right up to the day. If you have a large party you can also try the trick of splitting your party into 2 and getting 2 res at the same restaurant for the same time. You might not get to all sit together however.

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I don’t think so, but maybe someone else knows something I am not aware of. You can, however, make res through OpenTable online for some restaurants at the Swan and the Dolphin hotels (both walking distance from the Intenrational Gateway at Epcot). I just checked and Todd’s Bluezoo has res available at 5:45 pm and 9 pm for Thanksgiving day so not much availability left. I would make a res as soon as you can so you have something. I have eaten at Todd’s Bluezoo and enjoyed my meal there.


As others have said, calling EP restaurants directly will not help out here. Try the Touring Plans Reservation Finder - I have had a lot of success with it.


Oh, the Polite Pig is taking Thanksgiving orders for pick up the day before:

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