Calling all Canadian's who have rented DVC points

I have a conundrum - I was talking to my TA with the DVC rental store and I had some questions regarding the final documents/luggage tags that Disney will be mailing us. This was part of the response:

Magical Express tags will only be mailed to guests living in the United States. Due to customs restrictions, guests living outside of the US will not receive luggage tags. They will be able to still take advantage of the Magical Express, however will be responsible for claiming their luggage prior to boarding the Magical Express bus.

I have gone to WDW 12 times all and all of those times I have been mailed luggage tags AND have successfully used the ME luggage tag services - all of those times I was a Canadian (and still am wink ). Has Disney changed it's policies? Does DVC have different rules for sending documents? Do I have an misinformed TA?

Will my vacation be ruined by not having this service - no! But I would really like to take part in amenities that I have grown accustomed.

Can someone please shed some light on this for me?!!!!

I haven't seen any reports one way or the other. I have seen reports of those not receiving their tags and you still don't have to claim your own luggage but rather provide your luggage claim tickets to the ME desk when you check in so they can verify which bags to get. Or at least that is my understanding. Hopefully if that's wrong another liner will correct me lol.

No you're exactly right! On a family trip, my sister and her husband didn't get their "Disney mail" in time so they were presented with that option! I was concerned that Disney has changed their policy.

I feel bad in saying this - but now that I've got this bad intel I'm questioning everything else this sweet TA has told me. AND I'm a seasoned WDW traveller - can you imagine the poor "first timer"?

I wonder if she mixed up the Magic Band policy with the ME policy? hmmmmm......

I still think it's silly that they won't ship MB's to Canada!


I know!!!! Thankfully we live in a border town so I got our AP MB's sent to a friend just across the line. I definitely wanted our AP MB's and slider smiley ! ha!!

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This just in.....a new email from my TA:

Sorry about the confusion. I just called Magical Express myself to double check, and they told me you would receive your luggage tags. If something happens and you don't get them 2 weeks before your trip please let me know. Have a great day!



Yay! I would heart that but i'm on hearting lockdown for a few more hours lol. If you change your MB shipping address would they not mail them or does it not even give you the choice since you're international?

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Yes, they shipped the MB to the US address that I provided them and thankfully that action didn't change the address I have on account with Disney permanently.

In other news: I chuckled to myself as I "hearted" your comment smile I am not on lock-down muhhhaaahaaa!!!

It's my first time being in heart jail... it's no fun.

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Aw! frowning We should lobby for a change to the "heart limit"!

Thanks for letting us know that the TA at DVC Rental Store followed up and got the right information.

I used them earlier this year for the first time. Our trip is Feb 2015. I never heard from the same person twice. Every e-mail was from someone different. The process was painless except for one incident that was taken care of after a little bantering back and forth.

When they made our reservation they misspelled one of our names. When I asked them to fix it, they told me it was a common error that Disney made and that it would take to weeks to correct and that I needed to pay the balance owing now. I told them I would make the final payment when the reservation was correct, they had it fixed the next day. Makes me wonder how long it would have taken had I paid up front.

Once we understood each other, it was fine. I'll be using them again.

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Sometimes we just have to stand our ground! Glad it all worked out in the end smile Where are you staying in Feb - we are going in Jan and will be staying at the BWV and OKW!

We're at Villas of Wilderness Lodge for our DVC stay. I'm looking forward to it