California grill timing

7:20 reservation at California grill with 8pm fireworks. Will this work out or should I try for earlier). TIA😊

You can stop eating to watch the fireworks. So if you order drinks and a salad and/or appetizer then you can have your waiter hold your entree until after the fireworks.


Thanks! Hoping we sit pretty close to reservation time and there isn’t a long wait.

Ate there in Sept with a similar reservation time/firework time situation. We arrived at the restaurant early and we seated immediately. We were able to order, receive and eat our apps, and order our meals prior to the fireworks starting. They actually held our entrees back so we could watch the fireworks and not come back to cold food! I don’t know that this experience is commonplace being that that was our one any only time eating there, but hopefully this info helps! :slight_smile:

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Thank you!!

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