California Grill Reservation/Fireworks

If our reservations at California Grill are at 9:40, will we be able to go to the viewing deck earlier to watch fireworks? I saw that they give vouchers if you eat earlier, so I figured we could go up as long as we have reservations that day, but I just wanted to double check.

I don’t believe you can. You have to have a receipt from your meal, not just a reservation for a later time. I think that is why the later reservations (post fireworks) are usually pretty easy to get. One thing you might think about doing would be to get there early 30-45 minutes before fireworks, at least) and have a drink in the California Grill Lounge and watch them that way.

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You can. That’s what the Cali Grill page says: “Guests with a dining reservation after the fireworks are also invited to watch the show from the lounge or observation deck.”

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My apologies for the incorrect information. Thanks MickeyMouse!


Thank you so much!

Thank you!!!