CALIFORNIA GRILL - is it ok to split a 2ts?

seems like a ton of food. are you allowed to split one 2TS credit?

Between two people? You could order one entree and a dessert. I do t know if it is a lot of food. I actually think sometimes they are the smallest Disney portion sizes. You would pay for an extra drink? It should be fine- I just wouldn’t expect a very large portion.

I’m wondering if you’re thinking that 2TS credits indicates that you get two portions or two meals. The signature dining simply COSTS 2 “credits” from your meal plan, but you are still getting a single meal. Like @PrincipalTinker mentioned, it doesn’t necessarily mean a lot of food. Often on the dining plan, it’s best to actually pay out of pocket for these types of meals and save your plan credits for other Table Service meals if possible.

I realize calf grill is one entree, one dessert and if you don’t get a drink you can trade for a side. That’s more than enough for two people to split. I feel like a baby on formula every three hours I’ll be eating!

I am not confident that California Grill will allow the drink/side substitution.