California Grill Halloween or wait for normal fireworks?


So i’m a planner and looking into which Restaurants to book for our trip in August 2020!

Now my question is looking at the dates, there are Halloween parties at MK, so do I not book a dinning reservation on a Halloween party night, because one of the reasons for going is the fire works, or do they have awesome fireworks anyway so it doesn’t really matter ?


So I saw July 4 fireworks from CG and they were amazing. No matter what you see, the view is completely incredible. It was cool to see the show in the park on July 3 and then see the same show from CG the following night. I will say, though I have seen one show, I still want to see HEA. If I were given the option - all things equal - then I would choose to see HEA up there, but we were not at all disappointed with our choice to see the July 4 show last summer.

We have a reservation next week at CG on a Christmas party night and I’m hoping we catch the fireworks from the restaurant.

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We ate at CG a few weeks ago on a MNSSHP night and watched the Halloween fireworks from the restaurant. We thought they were great, but we also weren’t going to a party and watched HEA up close on a different night, so it was fun seeing them as we wouldn’t have otherwise.

What time is your ADR?

7:35pm and the projected time for the fireworks is 10pm, I think. It might be a stretch. Not sure how long we can stretch dinner at CG or if everyone will be wiped out at the end of the week anyway.

Well if you don’t stretch out the dinner, save the receipt. You can head downstairs and those who want to stay can browse the shops and then use the receipt to head back up. Anyone who eats at CG throughout the day is allowed back up to watch.

I had no idea, thank you.

Thanks Everyone, guess I shall see if I can get an ADR. :crossed_fingers:t3: