California Grill, Flying Fish or other?


We are torn on where to eat the first night of arrival (nothing in a park). I was thinking of Flying Fish but the portions seem small for 2 dining credits/person. We thought about the California Grill, but when we went there for drinks 3 years ago, we felt very unwelcomed, like we weren’t “good enough”, therefore my husband is very hesitant to return. I am open to suggestions for a fantastic meal worthy of 2 dining credits (or just 1). We don’t eat fish but most other meats are fine. I have considered Jiko but their menu doesn’t appeal to us.

Sorry so picky. Ok Guys… What do you love? Where should we go?

Thanks in advance

I’ve been to both restaurants and if I was choosing I would go to Flying Fish. I love the Boardwalk, it’s such a fun environment at night and the food at Fly Fish was simply spectacular!

I have not tried the new FF menu but I have been to both. Jiko was my first thought since it is so amazing (you can order the filet with Mac n Cheese). I also considered Tiffins since the entree are so good- but I do not think they are very large. Usually the pork dishes at Jiko are very, very big portions. Given your preferences I would say Artist Point.

Where are you staying? If Boardwalk area I would try Yachtsman Steakhouse. If Magic Kingdom area how about Artists Pointe at Wilderness Lodge. If looking to choose between FF and Cali Grill, I would go with Cali.

I haven’t tried the new FF menu yet, but based on the old one, no comparison - CG all the way. I don’t understand the “good enough” comment - unless one server had an attitude because you were only going to the bar. I’ve NEVER experienced something like this. I would also put Jiko, Artists Point, and Citrico’s ahead of FF. There are also a number of very good choices in DS…

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If you want good value for the 2 credits you might consider something like HDDR or even SoA. The food was surprisingly delicious at HDDR and with alcohol included it makes a pretty good value.

But we do love CG. The food was outstanding though I’m not sure a $35 or $40 entree would be worth two credits for me.

For me first night would be largely dependent on proximity from my hotel.

Thejubb, I’m trying flying fish because the reviews (on trip advisor and on some other podcasts) have been completely positive since the re-opening. The new chef apparently has been given this break and he’s completely motivated to provide spectacular food. Someone said the wagyu/steak was better than the yatchsman steak. Look at the menu as there is a lot there. Plus, as others have said, the boardwalk area is fun. It’s my chance on my trip to get to that Boardwalk area so it seems like a good gamble, all in all. Why go back to a place you didn’t care for? Better to try something new, don’t you think?

Assuming I ever manage to get another trip, it’s on my “must do” list along with Tiffins.