California Grill Bar

Hey folks, I’m wondering about the status of the California Grill bar. I understand that the old lounge has been taken over for regular restaurant dining, but that the bar is still walk-up, and I’ve seen some menus (dated from this past summer) online with apps and such, bypassing the prix fixe menu. Does anyone know how busy the bar tends to get? And, will eating there guarantee one a spot for fireworks viewing? Is it possible to, say, order, watch the fireworks, and then come back to one’s food?

I was wondering this myself and can’t see a way it wouldn’t. All you need to show is your receipt as proof you’ve been up there.

I think there are only something like 12 barstools so it can be challenging, from what I hear, to get in, especially at peak times. But if you’re able to be patient and/or go a little early I think you might have better success.

Yes, this is 100% possible. They are very skilled at pausing service as requested by the guest to accommodate this, at least in the dining room, and I can’t imagine they are any less skilled at it at the bar.

Awesome, thank you!