California Grill and kids

Is California Grill suitable for kids? I have a DS7 and DD5 and I have an ADR there for 6:00 on Saturday evening. We are staying at BLT and get in on Saturday afternoon so I thought this would be easy after we got settled into our room. After watching a Disney Food Blog review, I’m not sure if it is kid appropriate. Thanks!

I am working on getting my kids into the Pixar Play Zone thing the night we are scheduled for our California Grill dinner. That might be an option if you still want to eat at California Grill. They haven’t released the dates for the Pixar Play Zone for our stay, so I haven’t been able to book it yet.

It is fine to take kids if they are of the age where they can enjoy. It is a long, slow meal. I’m planning to take my kids (ages 8-17) on our next trip but we will go out to watch the fireworks on the balcony during dinner to break up the meal.

I’ve been to California Grill many times with just adults, but for my next trip, I have reservations with my 3.5 y/o daughter and 1 year old son. It probably depends a lot on the child. My daughter has joined us at nice restaurants at home and can sit and eat/talk for 1.5 hours. My son may get antsy after about an hour in which case my wife or I may need to hold him toward the end of the meal. Your post got me thinking, however, … I better call to make sure they have high chairs for my little guy.

They have both high chairs and coloring stuff for the little ones. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info. Our kids do well in restaurants, although this will be very different. I think we’ll go for it.

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As it is Disney, there will be other kids around. Really all the restaurants are kid friendly because of where you are. Just kind of depends on your kid. We are planning on CG with DD9. She’s excited about it, but is also used to long meals.

Only you know your kids. Are they up to a 2 hour meal without getting restless?Is there anything on the kids menu that they will like?

Ha! No, not even close, As long as they can make a cheese sandwich (which is literally a slice of cheese on bread), DD5 will be fine.