California Grill, ADR for fireworks ONLY?

If I get a late reservation at CG, can we go early to watch the fireworks and skip going back for the dinner?

$10 per person for missed ADR, right?

I know you can go back, with your receipt, if you eat early and want to watch the fireworks. I have never heard of anyone being allowed to watch fireworks (after 9?) and to have a 10pm dinner?

I’ve had a post fireworks reservation time at CG before. I had to check in like usual and wait in the long line of people going up for the fireworks. Once they were over I just hung out by the check in desk in the restaurant and waited for my ‘table is ready’ text. I guess you could just go downstairs after the fireworks and not eat, but I’d just go to one of the other viewing points at CR and save myself the hassle.

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Example: fireworks are 8:15 & reservations are at 9:30