Cali grill brunch on first day

having read some reviews etc I am thinking my family will really like the california grill brunch as our signature meal out ( will be day after my birthday, our travelling day)
if i try and get the last booking slot, i think around 1pm, do you think that gives us enough time to go to MK first? We are comign from UK so our body clocks will have us up early. we have a car, but was thinking monorail would be easiest/ walk from MK ( might pack a change of clothes)
how long do you think we need to leave to get from MK to contemporary and do you think it is worth doing those 3 hours in the park first thing? we are staying OKW

If you are walking out of MK at 12:30 you should have plenty of time to walk to CR and get to CG. I would take advantage of the morning touring.

I think that’s a lovely plan!

You will love CG Brunch. I have been trying to figure out how to fit it in again :wink:

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