Calendar and Park Dates?

I am able to book dining on April 1, but it doesn’t look like the official park dates will be released by that date (I’m going by the official calendar on Walt Disney site.) Example- Today is March 23 and they only have dates through September 15. They add one date each day. So, in 8 days, it will be April 1 but the Disney calendar will only been updated through Sept 23. Should I just go by predicted park hours and predicted extra magic hours? Touring Plans is likely pretty spot on, right?

There used to be a Travel Agent calendar but @brklinck discovered after they stopped becoming available that Kenny the Pirate seems to have about the same info. Here is the thread:

Operating Hours Calendars for Advance Planners

Please keep in mind that many hours are adjusted around the 15th of the month before your dates. Also, next October will be “a whole new world”.


Thanks. Now I will have that crap song stuck in my head all day.