Calendar accuracy

I am planning a tripp to Disneyland with my grandkids towards the end of January.
I have used the TouringPlans calendar before but when I went to book this trip, I ended up on the Undercover Tourist site instead. They showed slow days on Sunday 1/26 through Tuesday 1/28

When I later realized that I had gone to a different site, I went back and checked the TP calendar. It shows those days as fairly busy. It also shows a few days earlier that there are low crowds on Thursday 1/23 through Saturday 1/25. (the UT calendar shows those as busy)

I still have the ability to change our plans and come on the earlier dates. I’m just wondering if anyone here has used the Undercover Tourist calendar and has any insight into which is generally more accurate. I also looked at the “Is it Packed” site and they show all those days as moderately crowded.

What’s a poor old Grandpa to do?

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated


Hi Marty - Welcome to the Forum!

My advice is to relax and go with the dates you have chosen. As long as you have Touring Plans for the days you are going to be at the parks the impact of uncertainty in Crowd Level predictions will be greatly mitigated. You can go with the generic Touring Plans available on this site, but I would strongly recommend creating Personalized Touring Plans based on what attractions you want to do and optimizing them for the specific days you will be there.


I did this to myself this past August, and unlesss you find a more specific reason than the croud calendar I would keep the trip where you have it.

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I agree to keep things the way you have them. A good touring plan (and MaxPass if it’s in the budget) will inoculate you against crowds.

Plus, among all the other reasons crowds might defy expectations, RotR opens January 17th so I would give that date a wide berth. MLK weekend will likely be very busy but the rest of the month is a question mark depending on how big a draw RotR continues to be. I think people will clog SWGE but the rest of the park / DCA shouldn’t be too bad. Days with AP blockouts will probably be quietest.

Wow. Thank you all.
There certainly seems to be a consensus here.
I have been to the park many times and I do understand that it’s possible to use the FastPass system to do all the rides you want even on a busy day.
My real problem is that at a certain point the sheer number of people makes it hard to enjoy just being there. When you literally can’t walk through Adventureland, the joy and magic of being at Disneyland starts to fade.

I think we will be fine. The boys, being 9 and 13 are really going to want to Galaxy’s Edge and I fear that with the opening of Rise of the Resistance we could spend a major amount of time in line. But I will leave that decision to them. If they’re willing to stand in a line for 90 minutes to do a ride, I’ll be happy to hang right there with them.

Thank you all again for all of your help. I’m so glad I discovered this group!


The days you’ve chosen seem good. They should be mid-level crowds - not too big, but big enough to assure a full entertainment schedule and park hours. Super low CLs tend to bring shorter operating hours and less entertainment, and often more refurbs or closures. I wouldn’t change for that.

As far as Galaxy’s Edge, it will be hard to say until after the 17th, but if the WDW pattern holds, my advice would be to get a boarding group as soon as possible in the morning for RotR, then do other things until late afternoon or evening before touring the rest of SWGE. Lines for MFSR have tended to be longest in the morning since the crowds rush there first thing. I wouldn’t expect to wait longer than 30-45 minutes.

FYI – A common misconception about Touring Plans Crowd Levels is that they are an indicator of the number of people in each park. However, they are an indicator of average queue waits at the rides in that park during 11am – 5pm.

A CL 1 can feel like a CL 4 in terms of park capacity, but the queues may be moving quickly. Conversely, you can be in a CL 9 park that feels like a CL 5 because the streets aren’t packed. However, all the queues are super long

I am in the exact same boat for the exact same dates — My heart sank when I saw the estimates for Monday, January 27 which looks more like a day during Spring Break than a non-Holiday Monday at the end of January. I realize RotR will make things hard to predict but I am definitely nervous.

We have a family of six Park Hopper passes with MAXPASS for both days. Here’s hoping it goes smooth!

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