Cake delivery to room on arrival day?

DH will be turning 41 on our arrival day. Although his very first trip to Disney should probably suffice as a birthday gift, I think it would be nice to get him a cake too. I thought it would be nice to have it in the room when we arrive, if possible.

Would that be possible to have the cake in the room before we even check in? Our plane will land around 11am.

I’ve only had them delivered to out TS ADR. However, when I ordered the cakes they ask for location and time. It’ll just depend on if the room is ready at 11am. Here’s the info from WDW

Cake and Gift Delivery to Resort Rooms

Guests staying at Disney Resort hotels can enjoy delectable dessert delivery.

You can arrange to have a cake delivered to your room by calling (407) 827-2253 at least 72 hours in advance.

Sweet Treats Delivery to Resort Rooms
Guests staying at Disney Resort hotels can enjoy sweet treats delivered to them in a custom gift basket or in-room celebration by calling (407) 939-4438. Imagine how delighted your friend or family member will be when they see they’ve received such a special surprise!

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Just an FYI, I ordered one from Disney Floral and Gifts along with balloons - we arrived late, around 9:30pm and they didn’t deliver the cake/balloons until after 10pm when I called to find out where it was. This was at the Grand Floridian.


I had a similar experience last year at AKL. I ordered a gift basket with our autograph books in it. It had not arrived by the time we needed to leave for Mickey’s Backyard BBQ. The front desk very kindly comped us autograph books and pens. Spoiled my fun surprise though.

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Yea, I’ve also had the gifts handed to us at the front desk upon check in before. Kind of less magical as well…

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Hmmm, maybe it’s not a wise idea to rely on a room delivery. Maybe I should get him something at Epcot instead? That’s where we’ll be on our arrival day. Just not sure what i’d do/get… we weren’t planning on any sit down restaurants. We were just going to snack around the world.

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Agree with the others. They will not deliver anything to your room before you check in - and actually arrive.

The reason is fairly obvious when you know it. Even if they have assigned your room, up until you arrive it could be given to someone else and your room re-assigned. Or you may not arrive. And then someone else has your cake / balloons etc.

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Yup, that makes sense.

Could they maybe deliver while you are at Epcot? Assuming you have checked in and gone to your room by then.

Yeah, that crossed my mind too. Though now that others have mentioned unreliable service, I’m thinking I might just figure something else out.

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I just had a cake delivered on arrival day! Our flight landed around 1:00 pm on 9/21 and we planned to spend the evening in DS, so I didn’t really care what time the room would be ready since we’d be out late. I did have a room request fax sent because I wanted a certain location, but when I called to schedule the cake, I stupidly scheduled it for 3:30 (not even considering how it would affect the room request) because that was the first time they suggested.

So like I mentioned, when I called to order it, the CM suggested 3:30 because they can’t deliver it before check-in time; she didn’t mention any other possible issues with arrival day cake delivery. We got back to the room maybe around 10:30/11 pm and the cake was there. I don’t think it messed anything up with our room request. I did have to call about 3 different numbers and was transferred every time in an attempt to contact Pop Century cake delivery when I originally ordered.

But it’s also important to note that I got the $35 celebration cake that can be purchased at any time from the food court, so that could have also played a part in the easy delivery. I was surprised they let me order it for check-in day because I feel like it could definitely be a recipe for disaster but it worked for us!

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Good to know! Glad you had success!