Cafe cape may breakfast or 1900 fare breakfast if back to normal

Family with 2 kids. Would you pick Cafe Cape May or 1900 Fare for breakfast if things were back to normal?

It would depend upon where we were staying. We have a BCV DVC contract, so if we were staying at BCV we’d do Cape May.

We’ve dined at both.

I enjoyed the over-the-top interaction at 1900 Park Fare more than Cape May. Mad Hatter was phenomenal.


Characters at 1900 are great, especially the Mad Hatter. I love the strawberry soup and the omelette station. I’ve not been to Cape May.


Mmmmm…that strawberry soup!

Cape May was good- Beach attire for Goofy, Daisy & Minnie.

But I face characters for best interaction.

So I’d just take a look at which characters you prefer, your geographical plan that day, and the menus.

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Has there been talk of 1900PF returning?

I love that breakfast!

have not been to cape may

Might matter where you’re staying/coming from

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1900 park fare If we’re talking characters and ambience 100% 1900 park fare. The food is just okay at both. But the mad hatter and Pooh characters are more fun as an adult and my daughter preferred Pooh characters to all others a youngen. However one of my fave character meals of all time was the 1900 dinner. The evil stepsisters are amazing actors and they keep trying to kiss my I think he was 11/12 year old son on the cheek and he kept pulling further and further away until he almost fell and Drizella had to catch him. Best character meal ever I think. Certainly memorable.


Yes! 1900 Park Fare dinner characters were even better than breakfast. Stepmother and stepsisters were so fun and funny. Great interactions.

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Any idea when 1900 fare might reopen?

Haven’t heard a whisper.

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Haven’t done either with characters. However, did cape may twice this past trip. Relaxed vibe, staff very attentive and we thought everything was well cooked with enough variety to suit most tastes. Good price too. If you’re staying nearby, I’d def recommend.