Cabins at FW sales thread

Thought a new thread with sales info would be useful.

Firstly discounts from 109 points upwards:

The Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort†

The savings below are valid for purchases now through April 1, 2024.

When You Purchase You’ll Save Total Savings
100 to 124 Points $2 Per Point $200 to $248
125 to 149 Points $4 Per Point $500 to $596
150 to 199 Points $10 Per Point $1,500 to $1,990
200 to 249 Points $11 Per Point $2,200 to $2,739
250 to 299 Points $13 Per Point $3,250 to $3,887

†Proposed (projected to open Summer 2024). The Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort – A Disney Vacation Club Resort is not yet registered or available for sale in all jurisdictions. This is not an offer in any jurisdiction where registration requirements have not been met. Actual inventory offered for sale will vary by state of residence.


Does it say what the base price is?

Interesting. I didn’t think Disney allowed you to buy fewer than 150 points direct any longer.

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You have to buy 150 to be eligible for perks. But they cut the minimum buy-in number of points to 100 with VGF2. Also you can add on fewer, probably 50.

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Well at this particular home resort there is not a concern about buying too many or too few points for what you want. Every cabin is the same and there’s nothing but a cabin. So there’s not the variability that can be so concerning for this resort.

Recognizing that these points can be used elsewhere, I think they’re banking on most buyers having full intention to only use them here.

Oh and also what @Nicky_S said which is much more based in fact than theory :rofl:


Oh, okay. But…it WAS a minimum of 150 pts, right? I’m not crazy, right? (Well…I mean, about that.)

It would suggest that Disney was struggling to sell with a minimum 150 points.

Interestingly (and only tangentially related), the lady we have used to rent points from in the past has just recently decided to sell ALL of her points. She said she isn’t happy with the direction she has seen Disney headed, and just wanted to get out now while she could sell her points for something.

She didn’t elaborate, but I found it interesting. It makes me wonder how the DVC market is going to fare going forward.


Not on that page.

I just tried the add-on tool but it won’t let me use it (no jurisdiction in the U.K.).

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All that wokeness, amirite?

I’ll buy them from her. Only willing to pay rock bottom prices, you know, since the company is :poop:


I assumed she meant more from a business perspective. Disney has been making a series of poor business choices since like 2019, and they are a bit in dire straits in some ways as a whole. But, I can’t say for sure. I’m reading between the lines.


Only for first time buyers, not for existing members (including resale). I assume this message is for existing members since they are the ones who can buy starting tomorrow.

I assume there will be a minimum for first time purchases.

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$225 per point, minimum add-on is 50 points.

And the dues are confirmed at $12.16 per point.



Stupid software, I’m replying too soon! :joy::joy:


Not today?? I thought it was today


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You are right, it did used to be 150 points.

Glad you clarified that question. :crazy_face:

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Good point!

Aside from the day, the discount will likely apply to anyone who buys up until April. And I think the minimum for new buyers will be 100 points as it was for VGF2.

For some reason I had Feb 2nd in my head…

Oh :slight_smile:

And I wondered if I missed something, given that I’ve zero interest in this and haven’t followed super closely


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