Cabins at Ft. Wilderness Transportation

While reading the TP page on Ft. Wilderness, I came across the following:

From a reader letter:

Taking the boat to Magic Kingdom and fairly easy access to the monorail is on par with deluxe resorts.

From the TP authors:

Magic Kingdom can also be accessed by boat from Fort Wilderness Landing and to Epcot by bus, with a transfer at the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC) to the Epcot monorail.

This was confusing to me - how is Ft. Wilderness convenient to the monorail? Do they mean because you can take a boat to the MK? Is there a bus to the TTC?

Also, can you take a bus from Ft. Wilderness directly to Epcot, or do you have to go to the TTC then take the monorail?

I think you’re right on the rationale. I also think it’s all a stretch. I assume you do too, thus the incredulous questions.

There is a direct bus to Epcot, far as I know.


There should be a direct bus to Epcot from Fort Wilderness bus stop. When I stayed at Wilderness Lodge this past May, we shared bus transit to Epcot with Fort Wilderness.

Fort Wilderness has a direct boat to the MK. There is also a boat that makes a loop between Contemporary, Fort Wilderness and Wilderness Lodge.

Depending on where your cabin is located, the walk between cabin and theme park transportation may be long. The boat dock is on one side of the campground (the Settlement)and the theme park bus stop is at the other (the Outpost). There are internal buses around the Fort Wilderness that go between the Settlement and the Outpost. The internal buses also stop at different cabin and campsite loops along with the Meadow Recreation Area where the main pool is located in the middle of the resort.

Below is a screen shot of the WDW map of Fort Wilderness. The cabin loops are closer to the Outpost (bus) than the Settlement (boat).


We stayed in a cabin last year on the loop closest to the boats. The loop wasn’t entirely cabins, but there were a few.

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