Cabins at fort wilderness?

So I think I may win the award for most indecisive when it comes to choosing accommodations at WDW. And that says alot (ahem, @profmatt for example). At least I know I am in good company! My latest thoughts for our early December trip is to stay at the cabins at Fort Wilderness. They seem ideal for a family of 5 and I don’t know why I hadn’t had them on my radar earlier. So as you may guess or already know, we are a family of 5 with DS13, DS11, and DS7 at the time of travel. We currently have POR booked with a good deal through MVT but I have been worrying about us all cramped in a small space. We usually book larger accommodations when traveling. We will be in WDW for only 4 or maybe 5 nights for a whirlwind trip but I think we may enjoy more space than POR will offer. Also DH isn’t the hugest Disney fan and I think he would really enjoy the solitude and theming of Fort Wildnerness. (I want him to be happy so he will want to go back!) I would be excited for the Wilderness lodge to be within walking distance (I read that it is a 1 mile walk?). I think my kids would love to eat at WCC before we head over to MVMCP and that it is beautiful at Christmas with the big decorated tree. I have read that transportation can be a pain with needing to take an internal bus to get to your other mode of transportation but that it seems to be ok as long as you take it into consideration. I am planning on us staying in the parks once we get there so we won’t be spending alot of time traveling back and forth from resort to park. The pools may not be the greatest either but with it being December we won’t be spending much time in them (I think my Maine kids who swim in the ice cold ocean will not be deterred from some swimming though especially since the pools are heated). Does anyone have any other feedback on the cabins or anything else I should consider before changing our reservations yet again?

Love cabins!! Having a full kitchen, a patio and more space for a family of five is great! (We are DVC so usually stay in a 1 bedroom unless we run out of points - lol.) We did the cabins a few years ago when it was me, DH, DD10, DD8 and DS3 - loved the relaxing feel and activities. We stayed at POR the following year and DH did not like it at all. It was far too small when you are used to larger rooms. As far as transportation goes, if you know ahead of time that it will take a bit longer, you will be fine. Our biggest complaint was that we had always thought it was a MK resort, but it actually took us the longest to get to MK than any of the other parks. One strategy is to choose a cabin loop that is not too far from the main buses and then just walk. We had a stroller so it was a pain to have to fold twice when taking two buses.
I suggest taking the horse-drawn sleigh ride to see all of the different Christmas decorations - so magical!! As far as walking to WL, I am not sure but that would be an added bonus! I think the cabins are a great idea!

Actually, thanks to the UK booking terms, I was not particularly indecisive about reservations for accommodations because you can’t be. You are charged to change hotel reservations, unless the change is to a more expensive room. I did change from BC to the Contemporary, but then I’m pretty much stuck with the Contemporary because any further change would likely be to a cheaper room and that would incur a £50 charge.

My reservation for next year is for BC. I would have preferred YC, but that wasn’t in the free-dining/giftcard promotion. I have no plans to change from BC — and I doubt I’d be able to even if I did want to, without considerable financial penalty.

I’ve changed ADRs very many times, because it’s free to do so. Last year I changed FPPs many times, but this year I haven’t changed any of them because I have a much better sense of what I’m doing.

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Aye right, as they say up here!


Thanks for all of the great info and perspective! If we can get a loop that would allow us to walk to the main buses that would be wonderful (would that be loop 2800?) I was also wondering about seeing all of the decorations. Did you do the carriage ride and do you go it at night to see the holiday lights? Thanks again!

When I think of master plan changer for some reason you come to mind. But you are absolutely right that there was not -much- accommodation discussion on your end.

2800 loop is closest to buses for Epcot, DHS & AK - we actually got 2600 because there was construction on 2800 when we went. It was still pretty close and right across from one of the quiet pools! (MK transportation is by boat - marina was a longer walk from our loop, but we still managed fine- or bus to Wilderness Lodge and transfer to MK). The carriage ride was a special holiday one and we did at night. It was not too pricey iirc and I had to call to book. Hopefully, it is still offered since we had such fun! Be sure to do the Chip & Dale sing-a-long and campfire followed by the movie too!

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I checked and it looks like they still have the sleigh rides! Thanks for the great tip!

Boat is a great option for MK as well as Contemporary, which gives you access to monorail, if that helps at all. If I remember correctly WL is on the boat route, too. The bus trips to parks were lengthy, but I only did it once & was solo. Pool has been great in Jan but your kids may want a beach jacket when they come out. We enjoy the setting of FW. Now - if I can decide between POFQ with no discounts and Caribbean with free dining (I’m paying for 7 adults & 3 littles), I’ll be content.

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Thanks for the info! Good luck with your decision. I’m of no help as I have not stayed at either. I have looked at each and both sound like good options. I was booked at POR until I changed to the cabins for more space! And I was booked at CBR last year until I changed our reservation mostly due to construction. That has probably changed a lot since then.