Cabana Bay

Has anyone stayed at the new resort, yet? I would love to hear first hand accounts.

I haven’t and I was glad to see more reasonable prices compared to the other resorts but was disappointed they don’t get the same benefits.

I was, too, @ThatDisneyGuy_outer1. The ExpressPass would be a major reason to stay on site, but they killed it by not giving it to the only moderate resort.

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That would be like Disney not giving EMH to Values lol. That would cause a riot.


Cabana Bay gets Early Entry to both parks just like the other hotels, which IMHO is more important with Diagon Alley than Express. You can still buy express, depending on how many guests in the room it may or may not be cheaper than the deluxe hotels.
The next hotel projects won’t offer free express either, which is a good thing for those who like it; the more people who have it, the less valuable it is. I’ve spent over 2 weeks at CBBR since it opened, and there are many great reasons to stay there with or without express!


Good point about the Wizarding World, @Skubersky. There are so many people that are more interested in the big coasters, though.

So, what does the resort compare to at Disney or in chain hotels? I’m a Disney girl and planning a trip for next year. I’m leaning toward this resort because of the price, but need input. :smile:

CBBR is priced like Disney’s values (I’ve paid $89-$125 a night) but feels like a high-end moderate. Rooms are a bit small (the family suite is on 1 bath, smaller than the AoA suites) but very nicely designed. Amenities are amazing for the price range: lazy river, zero entry pools, bowling alley, 3 restaurants/bars + Starbucks, etc. if you like mid-century modern style (Mad Men) you’ll never want to leave :wink:


Is CBBR walking distance to the parks? Do they have a good shuttle system?

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Good question, @bswan26. That would really add to the appeal.

We’re staying for the first time in September, for 2 nights. I’m hoping that since the crowds should be lower, we won’t regret not having the express pass. We can always buy it if we feel it’s needed. Plus, the main reason we are going is for Harry Potter which doesn’t even use it. As long as we get to do Potter, any other ride will just be a bonus.

I stayed there last week. Loved it. Great lazy river, nice rooms, and early entry to both parks. Here’s how I walked onto Escape from Gringots (no wait): got to the turnstile before 6am which necessitated a cheap cab ride. This was key b/c the buses start at around that time so I was ahead of those taking buses. All turnstiles will open so don’t (as usual best to zig while others zag ESP in theme parks and on busy days) line up with the masses in the middle. Head to the rightmost turnstiles. The park (but not attractions) will open 15-30min before the posted time. When it opens (you should be the first in line if you do the above), stay with the rope that will go all the way to Diagon Ally; you won’t have to run but do be sure to walk aggressively and stay with the rope. And, voila, you’ll be on the first ride of the day. If you leave Diagon after Gringots, the line into Diagon Ally was non-existent at night but hours long (this is in addition to the wait for Gringots) from the am to afternoon. Suggest you go at night anyway as it’ll give you a whole different feel of the area. Feel free to send any questions! Oh, and I separately purchased express for both parks (need the hopper for the train anyway) and was able to enjoy EVERY attraction in both parks (except kiddy rides and a few shows) in one day with max 15-20mim waits! Suggest you hit outdoor attractions first as those will temp shutdown if there’s lightening in the area and- anyway- these will have short express waits in the am as most will be at Diagon Ally waiting and waiting.


Thanks, @Sam2071. I’m going in September for my birthday (my third 13th birthday) and am collecting tips.

My pleasure! All that research will pay back in dividends. I sliced through UOR with a solid plan as will you. The main thing I think is getting to Gringots right away.

@Sam2071 Great post! Is it possible to walk from Cabana Bay? @roguepixel @GlitchVonSchweetz @etzmn123 how was your stay? Was it noisy at all? Room recommendations (for a cheap standard)?

I’m pricing a mom-son trip over spring break. Really wanted to try the RP but at peak time it’s $400/n vs CB’s $200/n. Wow. You’d think it was WDW! I think DS will like CB quite a bit, though.

It’s too bad Loews YouFirst program won’t status match my Marriott & Hilton etc gold/plat elite status. :frowning:

:weary: Had to cancel my trip, @PianoMinnie. Sorry.

Oh no, I’m sorry!

I think I read that the walking bridge from Cabana is done. Double check that. If so, you are good to go. It’s a little more than a half mile. 15min or so.

The walk could be done without the walking bridge but it would be along the side of a road, largely without sidewalks, and unsafe.

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