Cabana Bay vs. Sapphire Falls

Looking to plan a trip in May. In the past, we’ve stayed at Portofino mainly for the EPs, but since our May dates have much lower CEs (4), I’m thinking we can give it a go without EP. Looking at Cabana Bay and Sapphire Falls. Has anyone stayed in both and can give an opinion? I like the size of the Cabana Bay Suites (we’re a family of 5 and single rooms can be tight) but I like the proximity of Sapphire Falls to the parks and the fact that it has a water taxi. If you’ve stayed in one or both, what did you love/hate about the hotel?

I stayed at Cabana Bay in a Family Suite, external entry. We were three people the room. I loved the kitchenette and all the storage shelving, the high counter, the sink that wasn’t a bathroom sink. The couch and extra seating was really nice. However, with the sofa bed pulled out, there isn’t a lot of space to move. The separated bathroom parts did help with getting ready.

I never felt like we waiting more than a few minutes for a bus.

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Cabana Bay just has a ton to do but their rooms aren’t just as nice as Sapphire. Honestly, pick one which rooms you like the most, you’ll be able to hop between resorts really easily for the pools, bars, events, etc.