Cabana Bay Shuttle Frequency?

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Anyone have any ideas on frequency of bus service from Cabana Bay to CityWalk and or Studios? and how early it starts, and how late does it finish?
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I don’t know, personally, although I’ve read they come quite frequently. I’ve also read that Cabana Bay is within easy walking distance, so the shuttle isn’t necessary.

Keep in mind that City Walk/IOA/Universal is all in the same location.

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Here…found this:

  • Dedicated shuttle: Universal operates several Cabana Bay Beach Resort shuttles that run continuously between the hotel and the general guest drop-off area near the Universal parking garages, as seen on the OI Google map. The shuttles are ADA compatible, and they operate from one hour before Early Park Admission starts until 2:30 am every single day. There is one pick-up point at Cabana, near the lobby and next to Bayliner Diner, and the trip itself is only about five minutes. In general, the system works well, with a new shuttle arriving about every 12 minutes. However, do be aware that, when leaving Universal to go back to Cabana Bay, the line can get long at peak time (typically when both theme parks are closing). Photos of the Cabana Bay shuttles are displayed below.
  • Garden Walkway: this slightly-shorter-than-one-mile walkway brings you from Cabana Bay, past Sapphire Falls and Royal Pacific Resorts, and onto the side entrance of CityWalk, near Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville. The Garden Bridge and Walkway connects these points and offers an enjoyable alternative to the shuttle. For a better idea of where, exactly, the path leads, be sure you view our Google map (switch to Satellite View and zoom in), then check out the photo tour below.

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I stayed at Cabana Bay a couple years ago and literally, every time I walked out the door to head to the bus stop, either a bus was already there or one was pulling in. It may have just been amazing luck, or they may actually be very frequent. I had been worried about it, but there turned out to be no need to worry!

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Thank you so much lovely x

I’ve never, ever waited more than five minutes for buses each way every time I’ve gone. They are frequently running, and usually there’s another right behind it if it’s full.

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