Cabana Bay questions

Looking for recent experience on this since COVID. We want to be able to use the pools and amenities at Cabana Bay on check out day because our offsite accommodations check in time is 4pm, so looking for a relaxing day and some pool time, weather permitting. And frankly the Cabana Bay pools are better than our offsite condo. But offsite was free using timeshare points. :slight_smile:

Couple of questions:

  1. I know at WDW you can use the pools on check out day, I assume the same applies at UO resorts? 2. Then I started thinking well if the pool is only accessible via key card and I won’t have that after check out then maybe not.
  2. And do they have changing areas or just restrooms at the pool?
  3. How would I charge food, etc, did I read that some areas are only key card only for purchases?
  4. Likely hood of getting a late check out?

Just looking for recent experiences.

Yes the same applies and you’ll still have your keycard, they don’t take it off you. Don’t know about the rest.

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Oh good so I don’t actually have to go down to the front desk and check out?

Only reason to go to the front desk at any hotel to checkout is if you want a paper copy of your receipt, and they didn’t slip it under your door on your last night. Your key will just stop working to open your door at some point in the day, usually checkout time.

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No, you can do it on your TV and maybe by phone, can’t remember. But if you go to the front desk they still don’t take your room key off you, at least in our experience.

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I can answer the changing area question.

Cabana Bay has an awesome fitness center (if you are the sort of person that thinks “awesome” and “fitness center” can ever go together. I’m not, so I’m relying on those that do). I’ve seen things like “biggest fitness center in Orlando”. With a fitness center you get showers, changing rooms, etc. I do know that you won’t be the only one doing what you are doing, i.e. enjoying the pools as long as possible on check-out day. I would ask them at check-in, but I would think that you key would continue to work for non-room things all of check-out day.

We haven’t stayed there yet, but will in a few weeks. So my knowledge is from the research I’ve done. BUT, Cabana Bay is supposed to have online check-in. I think they have you do most of the work on your phone, then you get in a shorter line to get your physical key(s) once you are there.

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Another Cabana Bay hint that I read. The pool towels are nicer/bigger than the room towels. So, snag some of the freely available pool towels if you can when you arrive. Plus, with no housekeeping getting towel replacements is a bother at any hotel.


Great, thanks! Please report back on how it goes. We are only there for one night and will have our own towels since we are going to Blizzard Beach later in the week, but that is a great tip if no one is monitoring those.

And yes I saw about online check in, it sucks you still have to get a key to access your room, it would be nice if you could use your phone like at WDW

Me, I’m happier with a key. Last thing I want is to be locked out because my cell is out of juice at the end of the day. Disney my other option would be to buy (shudder) a MB. Plus, after this we’ll be moving to a premier hotel and the key is needed for express passes.


So what to do with that kind of stuff at the pool, at Disney I roll into the pool with my magic band and that’s it, here I have to worry about someone taking my key card, I guess they won’t know which room it opens but still it’s unnerving to me.

I just put it under my towel :woman_shrugging:


When you think about it, the danger is equal in both. They can both open your room, they can both charge things to your room (if you have that setup). They can both be easily deactivated.

Me, I never setup room charging. I would rather just pay for things directly. If there is a CC charge that shouldn’t be there, I’d rather it not be rolled into my room rate, which is valid.

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Well true, that’s why it’s annoying to me, lol. I will be totally stressed about that the entire time. And I can’t bring my credit card since that wouldn’t be secure. Maybe you can set up a pin or something that goes with it if you want to charge something.

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@missoverexcited - do you remember if you have to have some type of pin number if you are charging to your room with your key card, for food, drinks, etc?

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I was wondering the same thing about pool use on check-out day. We will have only one night at Hard Rock Hotel and plan on using the express pass on check in and check out days, so pretty full park dayss. We are going in August so looking forward to taking a pool break for an hour or two on the first day, and I was hoping we could on the second day too. I’m glad you asked because now I know!

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I’ve never charged to my room at UOR, sorry.