Cabana Bay Pool Hours

Hi all! I am planning a trip to Universal with my family in August. We booked Cabana Bay specifically for the pools and I am hoping to dedicate a few days to pool time. I’ve seen a number of posts on TripAdvisor saying the pools aren’t open during the week. Is this true? If it is, does anyone know if that changes seasonally? I know the kids will love the slide and the lazy river and want to be sure we are actually going to have access to the amenities we booked for.

Thanks in advance!

I believe in the warmer months both of the pools are usually open. Maybe it’s been closed mid-week due to weather?

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When I was there last month, the pool with the lazy river was open every day, but the other one was closed the whole time. Something to do with COVID / staffing / hotel occupancy.

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I’d check to see when those reviews are from, at least one pool is open during the week.


Sorry for double post.

Both pools were open 12-9 last week.


Not til NOON?!