Cabana Bay partial pool view

I was wondering if anyone has stayed in a family suite interior “partial pool view” just wondering which areas are considered partial view


I have not, but I’m guessing these areas marked with a red X:

I don’t think they have an official “partial” pool view room category - it’s either poolside, or not. Some rooms are going to have better views than others, however.

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Some 3rd party sites re-catagorize the rooms depending on location/room number. Priceline and Booking(.com) does it too.

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Yes yes yes, That is what I booked, with Priceline, had to call universal and get another confirmation ## but my reservation has been confirmed! I am assuming the rooms are near the lobby in the Americana building

Either that or the far end next to the tower.

Would you think the far end would have a partial volcano bay view? :thinking:

Yes you definitely do from the Americana on an upper level.

Eta: But I believe most of the family suites are in the Continental though. I would just ask what location options they have when you arrive.