Cabana Bay Family Suites

Can anyone recommend interior vs exterior entry? Like, do I need to care?

It’s all what you prefer.

The exterior entry is like motel style. If you have a car, that is one reason to stay in one. You can park pretty close to your room, less walking. You don’t have to walk through the lobby and hallways to get to your room.

The interior entry is close to the lazy river/pool and closer to Volcano Bay. Not sure if it’s closer to the buses.


I really liked the exterior entry. But, then other people prefer interior. One thing I liked was that bedroom was on the far side from the entrance. If I remember right, it was the opposite for interior entry.

I even thought that we got the best room. I forget what building we were in. But, when you walked out from the lobby to the pool and then turned right toward the building on the right we had the first room you come to on the first floor.

There wasn’t noise there, and it was a short walk to the lobby.


@jennyturin have you stayed here?

Horrible day in my world… but did start this thread mid-chaos.
thank you @Sophia818 @bebe80

@Jeff_AZ or anyone - if I just book two family suites now, with the plan to hopefully get lower cost later. Do I buy the AP now? Wait a few months? Wait til I see a rate then buy AP and immediately after get the rate?


You can buy the AP any time between now and when you check in. I recommend buying before they raise the cost of tickets, which could be any time. I think it’s January / February usually? @bebe80 do you know?


Yeah it has usually been the last week of February

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Yup! I loved it.

Got it you want to know if I think you should be in or out. I personally chose out. Yes you had to walk thru the main building to get to the lazy river but I preferred it. I think the motel style rooms are quieter. Those outside doors are more sound proof. But I also don’t think it should matter too much. I like both pools. The pool by the outside rooms has the water slide and is huge. I actually preferred hanging out over there when the resort was crowded as the pool area was more spacious and open. In the end I think it will be small potatoes but whether you want a little more quiet or to be closer to the lazy river and volcano bay but it’s really not far either way.

The outside rooms are closer to the walkway to Citywalk if you plan to walk like we did.

Also I preferred the window in the living area versus the bed area. Easier to keep the bedroom dark for sleeping. Less likely to flash someone like I flashed a Disney employee looking for the bra DH moved when we were at Boardwalk! :shushing_face: