Cab cost?

Wonder how much( if we take a cab) how much to budget. I’m still not sure if we will be renting a car (6 people traveling 70, 68, 40, 35, 7,4) probably just for early morning ADRs staying at pop

Within property, you should budget about $20 per ride. May be a few dollars more or less. That is always our strategy for family trips, and I think that it works very well. Even if you take a cab four or five times, you will save over a rental car for a week (especially because you’ll need a van or SUV for a party of six). We like to take one for the early ADRs or anytime we are running late to get somewhere. It’s also nice if lines get really long, like when we were there and there was a bus accident outside of the main entrance to AoA - it really backed up the buses.

Here is a link to a Mears fare estimator that I used for our trip to Universal. It was right on.


Don’t forget you will need (or have to request) a booster seat for the 4 year old - or if you use your own you have to get a locker or carry it all day.

I thought of that as we want to take a cab to DTD.

Something to consider.

The cabs we took all had boosters available.

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