CA Spring Break

Just got DH to OK a bonus trip this spring to make up for having to reschedule our Winter trip.

My question’s are-

  1. When is CA’s scheduled spring break range for the 2021?
  2. Is John Wayne (or whatever they renamed it to) still the closest executive airport?
  3. I know traffic is pretty consistent, even though I’ve been gone almost 20 years, what hours should be avoided when traveling between John Wayne and Anaheim?
  4. I heard that Angel Stadium is for sell, but the Angel’s just renewed their contract with the city right? So, conceivably, if things go back to normal I could squeeze in a game?
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John Wayne is closest by far, I think. Not sure about Long Beach cuz Alaska doesn’t fly there! :joy: Traffic can suck, but because it’s so close I wouldn’t worry too much about it. If you were flying into LAX or ONT that would be a bigger concern.

I don’t know when CA has spring break, but I think it might be linked to Easter.


Driving from John Wayne is typically fine regardless of time of day, especially during the pandemic! It’s like 15-40 min depending on traffic. Long Beach is more like 25 min minimum, and I’m not sure about how traffic would affect it because I’ve only made the drive a few times.

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I would say most schools in CA do the traditional week before Easter for spring break (and the Monday after). However it would be wise to extend two weeks before and two weeks after to avoid the outliers.


yes, our school in Central Cal, gets two weeks off. One before and one after Easter. But I have noticed that the Southern Cal school districts really vary. I have gone during our spring break before, and its manageable during the week, if you get a early start, take a afternoon break and come back in the evenings. Its crowded but not like Christmas!!
We have found super cheap tickets in the nosebleed sections for Angel stadium, the games are super fun and the stadium is very close.
The team plans to stay in Anaheim until at least 2050