Bzdisney14 "wedding" at Disney

Got a new one…so me an DF want to try and get married b4 we go home on Thurs. Like quick town hall service. Any wisdom or experience? Need to fit it in between fast passes; )
12:06pm on 5/28/17 by bzdisney14
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Uh oh…maybe the crickets are a bad sign :wink:
12:50pm on 5/28/17 by bzdisney14
Umm is this a whim? Maybe wait till you leave the bubble of WDW :wink:
12:52pm on 5/28/17 by gingerbeer
Time to think
12:52pm on 5/28/17 by gingerbeer
12:52pm on 5/28/17 by gingerbeer
Isn’t @dmwiggins a pastor? If you can reach out to him and pay for his flight maybe he can officiate a ceremony? Votes for JJ for best man anyone? Okay, that was a stretch but it was the first thing that came to mind… He he.
12:56pm on 5/28/17 by cdlla
So exciting!! not a bad sign, you just may have stumped us! Haven’t seen this one before!
12:58pm on 5/28/17 by Tinkerminnie
Hmm not really sure on that- don’t you need the marriage license and all ahead of time?
12:58pm on 5/28/17 by LaurenInWonderland
What if you could get married in town hall on Mainstreet! That would be so cool! Best wishes!
1:00pm on 5/28/17 by willrun4mickey
I was thinks my same as @LiW…documents…birth certificates etc needed for a Marriage License
1:00pm on 5/28/17 by Jaxpayne
Better to have a plan… don’t want to regret a whim.
1:00pm on 5/28/17 by Clyde
Lol “Need to fit it in between fast passes” Am I the only one that loves that!!! You go @bz!
1:01pm on 5/28/17 by brerbeer
Hmmmm like find a quiet area of the park and exchange super quick I Do’s? Interesting…following
1:03pm on 5/28/17 by WendyFoundHerHEA
I wasn’t ignoring you…I did write I reply where I deliberately misunderstood “DF” & advised that it’s not legal to marry your father in most counties in Florida but didn’t think you were after annoying foolishness so I deleted it. Anyway best of luck!
1:07pm on 5/28/17 by sn1992
Just looked it up on state of Florida website. 3 day wait after you have license unless you have taken the official state pre marriage course which also gives a reduced fee ID and soc sec number required.
1:08pm on 5/28/17 by wdwfamily3
Write your view, buy the bride & groom hats, find a place in the parks that you both love, exchange the vows, kiss, grab photolass photographer or nearby guest for photo. Then go to the court house and get the annoying paperwork done when you get home.
1:13pm on 5/28/17 by Armadillo_Alert
Write your *vows. Bride & Bride or Groom & Groom ears may also be substituted for Bride and Groom hats. My apologies for the assumption and I hope you have a lovely wedding. =)
1:14pm on 5/28/17 by Armadillo_Alert
^^this^^ or head to Vegas on your way home.
1:16pm on 5/28/17 by Feckless
My DH and I had to wait three days after we picked up the paper work. It’s not an instant thing.
1:20pm on 5/28/17 by disneymichelle05
Thanks guys :wink: been engaged for 8 years so not a whim… just a last minute “hey, let’s do it here!” According to what I see online, 3 day waiting period is waived if u r not a FL resident. Didn’t think about DF and what else it could mean!
1:37pm on 5/28/17 by bzdisney14
Disney Freak :wink:
1:39pm on 5/28/17 by sn1992
Ooh, then he gets to carry you across the threshold of your new house when you get back!
1:41pm on 5/28/17 by brerbeer
@sn… I have been called worse;) @ brer…might need be able to ! In DS …looking at Ghirardelli …might add a few pounds
1:45pm on 5/28/17 by bzdisney14
Of course it’s a holiday wknd. We leave Thursday at 6 am. Hoping it will be as easy as going in, paying fee and filling out app. According to website it should be. Was hoping someone else was as crazy as me :slight_smile:
1:51pm on 5/28/17 by bzdisney14
Just in case…just bought white sundress and a mickey mouse wedding band at Trend. Did you know that if you buy anything at DS or parks and change ur mind, u can return it at ur resort? So I can return if need be :slight_smile:
2:03pm on 5/28/17 by bzdisney14
Oh I love @A_A’s suggestion! Whatever you do, please let us know. Congrats and best of luck.
2:03pm on 5/28/17 by mamahaz
Me too :slight_smile: thanks!
2:05pm on 5/28/17 by bzdisney14
How long would it take for someone to get ordained online to officiate ? How cool would it be if a liner could marry them!
2:21pm on 5/28/17 by rhinorulez
Ooooo! Following for updates! I hope it goes smoothly for you! Personally, I’m all about this. I think it sounds awesome and so fun! Best of luck!
2:21pm on 5/28/17 by kaymillx3
I vote for u @ rhino! Get busy getting ordained :slight_smile:
2:31pm on 5/28/17 by bzdisney14
Sounds so fun! Please let us know if u do it. Omg I wanna attend a livestream sneaky Disney wedding!
2:40pm on 5/28/17 by WendyFoundHerHEA
Ahhh thanks @bz! But I’m at home in Indiana.
2:41pm on 5/28/17 by rhinorulez
@rhinorulez…my son got ordained online in less than 30 minutes…on a dare…
2:41pm on 5/28/17 by Jaxpayne
:slight_smile: @jax
2:43pm on 5/28/17 by rhinorulez
I was thinking about Niter.
2:44pm on 5/28/17 by rhinorulez
Following for update. :slight_smile: Did it work out?
3:04pm on 5/28/17 by foxfamily238
Fun! Congrats!!!
3:12pm on 5/28/17 by mnfc
Following this is great! Love it!
3:17pm on 5/28/17 by pixiemama
Ohhhh…niter! I could double dog dare someone @jax!! Would that person be able to make it all legal with paperwork?
3:20pm on 5/28/17 by bzdisney14
Can u imagine getting married by@ niter? ?? Better than elvis!!
3:22pm on 5/28/17 by bzdisney14
Aagh niter
3:28pm on 5/28/17 by hodgtrzm
Isn’t biter still there tonight?
3:28pm on 5/28/17 by hodgtrzm
My DH did an online certification and married his cousin (And her spouse, not himself;) ) I think it was valid immediately after paying the fee.
3:29pm on 5/28/17 by GoofyIsMyHero
It would certainly be uhm, memorable! And your wedding pics would be all catywhompus!
3:29pm on 5/28/17 by brerbeer
Love the idea of doing vows and making it paper work official when you get home!! Also having a friend/liner officiate after getting ordained online would be fabulous!
3:35pm on 5/28/17 by Eve626
Weird- how did my messages swap??
3:39pm on 5/28/17 by hodgtrzm
@hodgtrzm sometimes if you post twice in rapid succession that happens.
3:40pm on 5/28/17 by OBNurseNH
@bz after I read your post,(love the part about getting married btw fast passes) Niter was the first person I thought of! Wifey could be your witness !
3:42pm on 5/28/17 by rhinorulez
This is great, how exciting!
3:43pm on 5/28/17 by alex881
Hmmm.well maybe if he’s around and ordained :wink:
3:46pm on 5/28/17 by bzdisney14
Oh he’s around!
3:49pm on 5/28/17 by OBNurseNH
Catywhompus?! Good word. Presume it means sideways :slight_smile:
4:03pm on 5/28/17 by hodgtrzm
I love this idea. Getting married in a place that is special to you is a wonderful idea.
4:19pm on 5/28/17 by disneyday
So exciting following along
4:21pm on 5/28/17 by mydisneyloves
Ooohhhh, love this idea! Hoping you can pull this off!
4:26pm on 5/28/17 by MoniMouse
Really thinking, hoping, we can pull this off :slight_smile:
4:35pm on 5/28/17 by bzdisney14
I am “ordained” for the purpose of officiating a wedding a couple years ago. Too bad I can’t drive down tonight. :). But honestly no one EVER verified that. State of GA didn’t care at all. I just had to sign the wedding license. Could’ve written "M Mouse.
4:35pm on 5/28/17 by B-squared
Good luck!!! Sounds so fun!!!
4:35pm on 5/28/17 by B-squared
But then you can’t count this trip as your honeymoon. You need to book ANOTHER trip as an awesome honeymoon. Bounceback time!! :slight_smile:
4:36pm on 5/28/17 by B-squared
I’m really intrigued!! Amazes me that somebody could get ordained and marry you in less than an hour! Don’t you have to be in a licensed location in USA? We do in UK. Yours sounds much more fun! Go @bz and your fianc all the very best :slight_smile:
4:37pm on 5/28/17 by Tatty808
OMG if I were there I would get ordained ASAP to marry y’all. How fun!! The circus tent in fantasy land is usually empty!
4:40pm on 5/28/17 by shellcamp
Good luck @bz! I say go for it :slight_smile:
4:42pm on 5/28/17 by party of 5
I hope you can work this out @bz!
4:43pm on 5/28/17 by rhinorulez
We have a trip planned for this week next year :slight_smile: also one this oct…but that’s with kids. . I wonder 8f anyone at concierge would know? I would LOVE to do it here rather than in a town hall!plus I just bought a blue alex and ani for something blue.
4:47pm on 5/28/17 by bzdisney14
I think I remember it being against Disney policy to get married in parks so I don’t know if I would ask a concierge for help…but there have to be some liners in the world today who could get ordained online for you!! Pixie dust!
4:56pm on 5/28/17 by Eve626
Forgot about that@eve! Let me know if anyone wants to help! We were looking for mon, tues or wed :slight_smile: would we still need the application? When we called townhall the other day she said we needed ss#'s, drivers liscense and $93. And fill out app.
5:01pm on 5/28/17 by bzdisney14
I can confirm that getting married in parks when are not paying for a Disney wedding is against rules. You will need to be sly. Friends actually accomplished it last year. They tried to do a quick ceremony in front of castle with 2 witnesses and
5:12pm on 5/28/17 by disneyday
Brother officiating but we’re stopped by security and firmly warned. They decided to try again during fireworks because cried would so thick they thought they could pull it off and if they got thrown out it would be end of day anyway.
5:14pm on 5/28/17 by disneyday
They got married during wishes. Have a very dark video. Stayed and took nicer photos during kiss good night. Had a Disney themed reception when they returned home. I wish you best of luck!
5:15pm on 5/28/17 by disneyday
I just read this on disboards Facebook page. Someone got married in their room at pop, on a pontoon book in 7 seas lagoon, and in a suite at contemporary hotel-- hotel helped with that one.
5:18pm on 5/28/17 by rhinorulez
Oh shoot! That was three different couples ! I made it sound like one couple got married three times And book is boat.
5:20pm on 5/28/17 by rhinorulez
I LOVE spur of the moment plans! I hope it works out for you!!!
5:22pm on 5/28/17 by CharmingPartyof6
@bz this is so exciting! I hope you can work it out! Looking forward to hearing how you pull off your happily ever after!
5:29pm on 5/28/17 by chastaga
Is Disney Springs considered Disney property for this scenario? I haven’t been to ds so I don’t know if there’s a good place there to get married. I have a good friend who lives in Orlando so I asked her for ideas .I’ll let you know if she comes up with
5:36pm on 5/28/17 by rhinorulez
I’m a very spur of the moment person too :slight_smile: the kids are no longer shocked when I say "get in the car, we are going to Canada for lunch. Or PA. " live for today !:slight_smile:
5:37pm on 5/28/17 by bzdisney14
Hope you can make this work! No offense to @niter cause he’s lots of fun, but I was thinking @pod is more of an authority figure type. He’s a doc after all!
5:38pm on 5/28/17 by evamarie320
Exciting!! What about that quiet walkway from Tomorrowland to Fantasyland, behind the Speedway? It always looks peaceful and low-traffic. Or maybe a quiet spot on TSI?
5:39pm on 5/28/17 by WeHave2GoBack
Expanding on my earlier scenario, exchange vows in the queue for your favorite attraction. Grab some glow sticks or leis from the Poly or something and had them to the guests who are around you in line and they can be your bridal party.
5:39pm on 5/28/17 by Armadillo_Alert
Bonus if ride has on ride photo…save the kiss for the on ride photo.
5:39pm on 5/28/17 by Armadillo_Alert
Or the bridge between BW and BC, with the Eiffel Tower in the background?
5:40pm on 5/28/17 by WeHave2GoBack
I think Disney has rules because weddings are a business to them. Good luck! I hope you find a way to have your wedding!
5:41pm on 5/28/17 by PrincipalTinker
I know a few Liners who eloped and got married in a wedding chapel in Kissimmee.
5:43pm on 5/28/17 by nerdycool
LOVE these ideas! Pod would probably take my liner card away because of all of my new blisters. Major liner fail :frowning: thanks@ rhino…now just need someone to do it since we have lots of locations! Off to Pandora now. Will check in :slight_smile:
5:45pm on 5/28/17 by bzdisney14 They have locations in Orlando and Kissimmee. $193.
5:50pm on 5/28/17 by rhinorulez
Get married on the TTA it’s 10 minutes long. Good luck and sounds fun:)
6:00pm on 5/28/17 by penryn
Omg love people mover idea!!! One of our faves!
6:01pm on 5/28/17 by bzdisney14
If you find someone who is ordained, you could hide the hats, jump on the People Mover and have a quick ceremony. Put the hats on and take a picture. Done.
6:03pm on 5/28/17 by CrimsonJean
@ rhino! Thanks for the link! I’m a bit concerned now cuz we have both been married b4. When we called town hall, the said we just need date or divorce. That says papers required. Hmm. Hopefully only in an actual establishment.
6:04pm on 5/28/17 by bzdisney14
I think I’m hooked on peoplemover idea :slight_smile:
6:14pm on 5/28/17 by bzdisney14
@bz hope you can work this out! I was surprised to read that you need divorce paper. If you need it , could someone fax it to you? People mover is a great idea!
6:26pm on 5/28/17 by rhinorulez
@bzdisney, is there anyone back home that could scan or photograph your divorce decrees and send to you?
6:31pm on 5/28/17 by disneyday
Ummm. My ex husband is taking care of our cats…I could ask him…:wink: lol!! so…people mover it is…just need a person :slight_smile:
6:31pm on 5/28/17 by bzdisney14
I hope someone local can help!
6:38pm on 5/28/17 by disneyday
Can you call a Justice of the Peace in Orlando and see if they’ll do it. I bet at least some have AP.
6:44pm on 5/28/17 by GilmoreGirl
Where we are from anyone that is a notary can marry someone. Don’t know if that’s the case in Florida.
6:53pm on 5/28/17 by sp843
At Pandora. .maybe one of those blue creatures is a notary…
6:55pm on 5/28/17 by bzdisney14
Does the people mover run during the fireworks? That would be soooo cool!! Do you need a witness or witnesses in Fl?
6:57pm on 5/28/17 by rhinorulez
This is exciting! I love @AA’s idea bc it lessens the stress now during trip!
7:01pm on 5/28/17 by teacupspinner
This is so exciting!!
7:01pm on 5/28/17 by rhinorulez
There are cameras throughout the PeopleMover
7:04pm on 5/28/17 by PrincipalTinker
I really want this to happen! @bz congrats!!!
7:05pm on 5/28/17 by Ljohnson84
Ok now that location is set for People mover, I must suggest @pod again! That’s a thrill ride for him!
7:05pm on 5/28/17 by evamarie320
Maybe a quiet out of the way location at night since there’s cameras on people mover. Or in your hotel room.
7:13pm on 5/28/17 by rhinorulez
They watch you throughout the PeopleMover. I think there might be an issue?
7:15pm on 5/28/17 by PrincipalTinker
A notary can marry people in Fl.
7:16pm on 5/28/17 by rhinorulez
Bump for @niter
7:23pm on 5/28/17 by teacupspinner
How about on the monorail to Epcot? Long enough ride I think?
7:26pm on 5/28/17 by GothelKnowsBest
This is so exciting! I hope you’re able to get it to work out :slight_smile:
7:28pm on 5/28/17 by gooftroop
This is so fun. How can I help? I’m here this week. Not ordained but if the internet ordination works I’ll do it. Or I can take photos.
7:30pm on 5/28/17 by Savagekids
Here’s a list of officiants in the area who do Disney weddings…at least one notary listed
7:33pm on 5/28/17 by GothelKnowsBest
Yeah for @Savage helping out!
7:34pm on 5/28/17 by Married2Dopey4Life
Super cool @savage!
7:35pm on 5/28/17 by rhinorulez
@ savage! ! Omg!! Ur awesome! Almost on fop then will contact :slight_smile: u rock!
7:39pm on 5/28/17 by bzdisney14
Following for liner love!
7:39pm on 5/28/17 by AuntB_luvsDisney
I dont think the cameras on Peoplemover are going to be a problem. Its not like the two of you are standing altar-like. People turn around and talk to each other all the time on that ride.
7:42pm on 5/28/17 by psiprez
This is so exciting! I hope it all works out!!!
7:43pm on 5/28/17 by HaveCourageandBeKind
What would be happening on people mover that would give it away? 4 people in a car, talking and maybe a kiss. I don’t think it would be suspicious. Good luck!!
7:44pm on 5/28/17 by felesh
This is awesome!! It will really be the WEDway. :slight_smile:
7:45pm on 5/28/17 by brunswickan
7:47pm on 5/28/17 by incredible
The mayor still walks around see if he will do it…untill official knot tieing
7:49pm on 5/28/17 by cbsparky316
You don’t think the rings give it away? Do you think the person performing the marriage would have everything memorized?
7:50pm on 5/28/17 by PrincipalTinker
@ principal…my hands are so swelled from the heat I may not even be able to fit the ring on!
8:07pm on 5/28/17 by bzdisney14
Don’t think
8:07pm on 5/28/17 by GothelKnowsBest
Don’t the the monorail has cameras…ride to Epcot seems about the right length…
8:07pm on 5/28/17 by GothelKnowsBest
What about outside at one of the resorts? POR is very pretty. Maybe you could go on a carriage ride after.
8:10pm on 5/28/17 by rhinorulez
The reason @disneyday’s friends were able to get married was that they did it in a crowd. Security stopped it when it was not?
8:12pm on 5/28/17 by PrincipalTinker
We got married at SOG but it was a package. Sadly our officiant passed away last year. He was great. If you do manage to get married, you need to change your liner name. Wdwwed17 sounds good.
8:21pm on 5/28/17 by wdwwed11
This is exciting! I’ve been following you on Instagram and it looks like a fabulous vacation already! This would be an awesome end with a wonderful beginning!
8:36pm on 5/28/17 by JustCantStayAway
If that makes sense. :wink:
8:37pm on 5/28/17 by JustCantStayAway
Following this adventure of live!
8:43pm on 5/28/17 by Ommax3
Following, hope it all works out :slight_smile:
8:53pm on 5/28/17 by littlemermaidmomma
This is so sweet! I hope it all works out!
8:54pm on 5/28/17 by sammie918
Hope this happens for you, if it does please send pictures…
9:03pm on 5/28/17 by Debbyluvsdisney
If this was last week , my husband is a pastor. We are home in the mountains of MD now:(
9:04pm on 5/28/17 by beckypascal
Following this love story:)
9:47pm on 5/28/17 by CarmenPietsch
I’m following too…good luck!
9:54pm on 5/28/17 by welchfam4
I’m following too. So exciting!
9:56pm on 5/28/17 by VikeQueen
Following along… can’t wait to hear what happens! Good luck!
10:08pm on 5/28/17 by disneydreams4
@brunswickan got me with the WEDway comment. For those who may not know, the name of the ride used to be called “The WEDway PeopleMover”. WED stood for Walter Elias Disney. Cool idea. Crazy… but cool.
10:21pm on 5/28/17 by ejj
Not sure about any issues due to being divorced. But once they reopen the county offices on Tues, you’re otherwise golden. Photo IDs & soc sec numbers or passport if not US citizen. That’s all you need, and you will walk out w/ marriage license in hand.
10:25pm on 5/28/17 by MamaOdie
My eldest DD was married in 2015 at SoG. They actually forgot to get the license before office closed for holidays. Wedding was Sun, 12/27, so… no license! Rev was kind enough to meet them at restaurant near co office & sign the license on 12/28.
10:29pm on 5/28/17 by MamaOdie
This sounds so much easier than what we are going thru right now planning 2 DD’s weddings within the next year! I truly hope this all works out well for you @bzdisney14!
10:48pm on 5/28/17 by cdlla
What about renting a boat? It’s around $45/ half hour.
11:12pm on 5/28/17 by rhinorulez
Another save for me-no shame lol!
11:16pm on 5/28/17 by Call me Leota
Following for updates! Wish you all the best!
11:37pm on 5/28/17 by foxfamily238
Send me a fourum message if you need my help. I saw you found Niter last night. :slight_smile:
7:11am on 5/29/17 by Savagekids
Saving to be a virtual witness
7:19am on 5/29/17 by chastaga
Following too! Enjoying this story of true Liner Love here (without CM Nicole).
7:39am on 5/29/17 by Operaml
Oh yes, we definitely need virtual witnesses! This has become the liner event of the season!
7:43am on 5/29/17 by DisneyRomance
I’m ordained and will be there late tomorrow.
7:50am on 5/29/17 by nealandmandy
Good luck! Hope you are able to make it work!
7:51am on 5/29/17 by PretzelGuyGreg
I still like WEDway people mover. By the time they get to you, it’d be done.
8:10am on 5/29/17 by Daisy de la Cruz
@neal.thank you! We r staying at pofq. How about u? @ savage…trying to figure out forum. …
8:10am on 5/29/17 by bzdisney14
Congrats & best wishes!!
8:11am on 5/29/17 by IiiiiiimtheOnlyOne
8:11am on 5/29/17 by nealandmandy
This is very exciting!!!
8:13am on 5/29/17 by rhinorulez
If you hold out until Wednesday I can help too! Photos, witnesses, crowd control, celebratory toasts!!
8:16am on 5/29/17 by LowBiscus
This is awesome.
8:18am on 5/29/17 by bwalker75
We are kinda hopping all around today and tomorrow, but if you can make it happen@neal it would be amazing! Just name the time and place !
8:22am on 5/29/17 by bzdisney14
8:28am on 5/29/17 by nealandmandy
Sfl…good luck! What a story to tell later!
8:36am on 5/29/17 by GoofyIsMyHero
This is exciting!
8:38am on 5/29/17 by jozett22
I love this group. Good luck!
8:48am on 5/29/17 by themacs
Emailed u@neal. I love this group too!!!
8:51am on 5/29/17 by bzdisney14
This is awesome! Hope everything works out for you @bzdisney!
8:58am on 5/29/17 by suzydazzle
This is getting exciting! Can someone livestream please? : )
9:03am on 5/29/17 by MoniMouse
This is the coolest! Best wishes to you both @bzdisney. We are all following. :slight_smile:
9:17am on 5/29/17 by Rose of Sharon
Ok this is looking real! Best wishes to a magical moment!
9:33am on 5/29/17 by pixiemama
You should have your entire wedding party on Splash. Wait for drop for kiss. Use the pics for your wedding announcement and caption “we took the plunge”
10:24am on 5/29/17 by unbirthday
I’m so excited for y’all. Liners are the best people in the world :slight_smile:
10:33am on 5/29/17 by MinnieRenie
Love it, @unbirthday!!! What fun to imagine different scenarios
10:35am on 5/29/17 by GothelKnowsBest
Love this!
10:50am on 5/29/17 by tinkerbellrules
Congrats@Bz! So exciting!! @savage you need to live stream for all the virtual guests.
10:53am on 5/29/17 by RRCfanatic
Love this!
10:54am on 5/29/17 by langleyma
So excited for you! Best wishes!
10:57am on 5/29/17 by FOXFAMILYDISNEY
Here this week! I could be a potential (uninvited ) guest!! :slight_smile:
11:03am on 5/29/17 by FixItFelixFriend
Lol@felix! You all would be invited :slight_smile:
11:26am on 5/29/17 by bzdisney14
Sfl! Best Wishes!
12:12pm on 5/29/17 by TurkeyLegs2017
We came across a couple getting married on Tom Sawyer Island a couple years ago. It was in a fairly remote spot. They had an official of some sort and maybe a couple other witnesses. It was pretty interesting.
12:35pm on 5/29/17 by cburnett11
What’s the latest??? It’s so exciting!
2:22am on 5/30/17 by Tatty808
I love this!
4:23am on 5/30/17 by ericarae1024
Any update?
12:45pm on 5/30/17 by lfee12
12:50pm on 5/30/17 by thedaisyflowers
Sfl :slight_smile:
1:10pm on 5/30/17 by shannonmcalpine
So happy I renewed my subscription! No trip plans in my future, but now I have a goal to one day have an unofficial WDW wedding! Love this!!
1:52pm on 5/30/17 by CastleDweller
Can’t wait to follow this!
1:59pm on 5/30/17 by Judy_Hopps
Excited for you. Let us know what happens
2:10pm on 5/30/17 by Mickey4.0
How exciting!! Lots of pictures!!!
2:29pm on 5/30/17 by TinkerJoy
Excited to follow this!
2:45pm on 5/30/17 by tinkertanchez
Dying to hear the latest!!!
4:11pm on 5/30/17 by WendyFoundHerHEA
Did you get the license? Any plans for a ceremony? Inquiring Liners want to know!
4:27pm on 5/30/17 by evamarie320
So exciting! Can’t wait to hear!
4:31pm on 5/30/17 by MickeyBarHead
This is so exciting!! I hope they can do this! Canadian liners want to know too!!!
4:37pm on 5/30/17 by Canadianminnie
I’m inviting myself (and maybe a bottle of bubbly) as additional uninviteds!!
4:49pm on 5/30/17 by LowBiscus
This is great – can’t wait to see what happens! Congrats!
5:09pm on 5/30/17 by DisneyCheri
Bumping for @bz’s updated plans.
10:42pm on 5/30/17 by Call me Leota
So exciting! Need to know what happened!
11:00pm on 5/30/17 by CosmicCreepers
Liners need to know!!! Stop having fun and fill us in! What do you think this is-a vacation?! Haha. Jk. But really. The updates pretty pretty please.
11:39pm on 5/30/17 by WendyFoundHerHEA
May need to update on a new thread @bz…isnt the cap 240 comments before it’s locked?? Can’t wait to hear if you made this happen!
6:11am on 5/31/17 by GoofyIsMyHero
7:06am on 5/31/17 by TheHoodlumsMom
You don’t think she got married without us do you? Sniffle.
8:15am on 5/31/17 by evamarie320
Also following! So exciting!
8:15am on 5/31/17 by magical_jo
Sorry to keep you in suspense! Got married about 5 minutes ago in orange county courthouse in my lace haunted mansion tank ! can’t post pics yet since the kids and family don’t know. Just this family :slight_smile: thanks for all ur well wishes !
2:19pm on 5/31/17 by bzdisney14
Woohoo!!! Congrats!
2:21pm on 5/31/17 by Sorcerers_Apprentice
That’s awesome @bzdisney!!!
2:23pm on 5/31/17 by bwalker75
That’s awesome!!! Congratulations!!!
2:24pm on 5/31/17 by pixiemama
2:25pm on 5/31/17 by wdwwed11
Awesome!!! Love a happy ending…and beginning!! :wink: Congrats!!
2:25pm on 5/31/17 by ck15nc
2:26pm on 5/31/17 by Ommax3
Yeah, but what about the fpp?
2:27pm on 5/31/17 by brerbeer
All covered @brer…got a 815 for this morning. Finished , then Uber ed to the courthouse ! Priorities!
2:28pm on 5/31/17 by bzdisney14
2:30pm on 5/31/17 by JJT
Aww, congrats @bzdisney!! :smiley:
2:30pm on 5/31/17 by wahoowaWDW
2:31pm on 5/31/17 by PackFan0202
2:31pm on 5/31/17 by missoverexcited
2:31pm on 5/31/17 by brunswickan
Nice!! Congrats @bzdinsney14! Enjoy your Disneymoon!!
2:32pm on 5/31/17 by armandarae
2:33pm on 5/31/17 by IiiiiiimtheOnlyOne
2:35pm on 5/31/17 by SassyMom615
2:37pm on 5/31/17 by wdw ocd
Well then, congrats of course!!!
2:41pm on 5/31/17 by brerbeer
2:42pm on 5/31/17 by incredible
2:44pm on 5/31/17 by CrimsonJean
Yay!! Congratulations!!
2:45pm on 5/31/17 by Supercalifragilist-256098
Congrats! So glad this had a happy ending.
2:48pm on 5/31/17 by evamarie320
Congrats! I’ve been wondering what happened. :slight_smile:
2:49pm on 5/31/17 by Savagekids
Congratulations! So pleased you managed it!
2:49pm on 5/31/17 by act72
Congrats! Need pics of liner reception party!
2:50pm on 5/31/17 by cdlla
2:50pm on 5/31/17 by VikeQueen
Yay! Congrats!
2:50pm on 5/31/17 by FixItFelixFriend
2:52pm on 5/31/17 by PrincipalTinker
2:56pm on 5/31/17 by sn1992
Best wishes @bz. Very happy for you. Can’t wait to see pics.
2:56pm on 5/31/17 by Lopatakitas
Super! Congrats!
2:57pm on 5/31/17 by PretzelGuyGreg
3:13pm on 5/31/17 by TangledTink
That’s awesome. Congratulations!!!
3:25pm on 5/31/17 by jozett22
3:28pm on 5/31/17 by bbailey1021
3:30pm on 5/31/17 by TacMed
Totally awesome. Congrats. Many happy years and trips.
3:33pm on 5/31/17 by Jedilogray
3:33pm on 5/31/17 by kwiederh1
Awesome!!! Congratulations!!!
3:34pm on 5/31/17 by rhinorulez
3:34pm on 5/31/17 by SteveofEngland
How wonderful! I hope you have a set of wedding ears!
3:36pm on 5/31/17 by Lucinderella
3:39pm on 5/31/17 by Satisfactual
Congrats you two!!! :slight_smile:
3:40pm on 5/31/17 by desire499mike
Woohoo! Congrats!
3:40pm on 5/31/17 by Stupid Judy
Congratulations!!! Thank you so much for letting us follow along!
3:43pm on 5/31/17 by willrun4mickey
Best wishes for a long, happy life together!
3:44pm on 5/31/17 by michellemason
3:52pm on 5/31/17 by clbg
Congratulations bzdisney! Sending wishes for many magical years together!!
3:52pm on 5/31/17 by MoniMouse
Congratulations!! (Throwing pixie dust instead of rice!)
3:53pm on 5/31/17 by Tinkerminnie
Way to go! Best wishes!
3:56pm on 5/31/17 by TumbleMonkeys
Congrats! Thanks for letting us follow along.
4:03pm on 5/31/17 by vanel
So happy for both of you and hope you have many magical years together.
4:15pm on 5/31/17 by Disney granny
4:28pm on 5/31/17 by Armadillo_Alert
4:52pm on 5/31/17 by lynnie0108
Congrats! Was so fun to follow the thread!
4:53pm on 5/31/17 by caramerson
4:54pm on 5/31/17 by callmeflower


Thanks for posting your thread here! Congrats again and happy anniversary!

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Fun stuff!! Happy anniversary :bell::bell::heart:

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