Bye Bye, Hat? - Rumor

BIG rumor that the mega Sorcerer Mickey hat is coming down- look for an announcement later today.

Personally, good riddance- I love The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, but the mega hat is a huge eyesore that blocks the beautiful recreation of the TCL Theatre. Thoughts?

And Legend of Capt jack may be gone by January or even end of the week now according to same rumors.

I won’t miss the hat a bit. It doesn’t serve a good purpose which means it is just in the way.

Hear there have been maps out there without the hat. Wouldn’t miss it.

But to be faithful to Walt they will have to replace it with some other huge thing

Confirmed to CMs:

I agree with you completely.

@brklinck True.
@TheGraceysButler I just read that online!!

So, two questions: What weenie will they put in, and, arguably more importantly, should I suffer through Cap’n Jack–since we’ll be there 2 days before it’s gone–just so I can say I’ve experienced it? :stuck_out_tongue: This is serious stuff.

Also, do you think anyone will chain themselves up to The Hat (or Cap’n Jack) by their MBs to protest?

Judging from WDI’s lack of imagination lately, something Frozen based…

On chat, one of the @ brer’s suggested they’re probably preparing a giant Olaf. Sounds great to me, ha ha!

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I think the TCL Theatre is enough of a weenie- it’s a beautiful focal point that stands for the glamour of old school hollywood, which is nice considering that most attractions in the park are moving towards new-school CGI and animated films (which I have absolutely no problem with). Just sayin’!

Yes. The Chinese Theater is the original weenie for this park.

Our trip is in 5 days (yippeeee!). Anybody know the status of the removal of the hat? I thought they already started tearing it down, but if anyone has some first hand knowledge, I’d like to manage expectations.

There were reports yesterday that they will start taking it down on the 7th.


Communicore Weekly posted today, on Facebook, that the 7th was indeed the start date. I personally think they should rebuild it as the entrance to Fantasmic. Fits that theme very well and, although I’m kinda ashamed to say it, I like the hat. I thought it looked a little out of place in front of GMR but still, it is an icon.

DW doesn’t like change and she’s not happy about it going away. At all!!! :disappointed:

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Touring Plans Blog About the Hat

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Took this picture on 1/20. I never much liked the hat, but I did feel sad, seeing it dismantled!!