By my math

Between the dining plan and the room discount, the dining plan will be the better deal for us… we are staying 4 nights at Poly…so saying that we get 30% off of our stay, that would only be 600.00 off the room. Free dining for my family of 5 would be a savings of around 1200.00 we like to have TS’s and all, and we are 3 adults, and 2 kids.

Is my math telling me right?

I’m coming up with about 964.00 for the standard dining plan not sure if that # gets taxed at 12.5 % or not. Anyway it goes it’s a win. A lot of if’s though, hopefully f’d is offered at the poly.the past two years we’ve had to change hotels to get fd. That offer is usually out a couple months before the fall hotel discount is announced. good luck,hope it all works in your favor .

Is Poly not usually included? We stayed at GF last time.

Not really sure what hotels it’s previously been offered, or going to be for this year. My understanding is they offer f’d at hotels with low occupancy, for that time period. could be wrong on that .just letting you know our past experiences. I think flexibility would be helpful.

You’re the right demographic mix to benefit most from free dining (i.e., 5 people - not the more common 4-person group, of whom THREE count as adults).
But comparing it to room-only discount PLUS DINING PLAN isn’t necessarily the most accurate comparison, since paying out of pocket you have much more flexibility (i.e. not always getting a dessert, etc) to spend less than the daily dining plan allotment.
Either way, sounds like a good plan.

Remember too that with the dining plan it’s not going to be as big of a savings as you have listed because you’ll be required to leave an 18% tip for every meal, which is fairly average even when paying out of pocket, but there will still be some Oop expense. When paying completely out of pocket the tip is any amount you choose to leave.

You can dispute the tip. I never did as I usually tip pretty good anyway and the service has to be awful for me not to tip. But @Outer1 you are right - to get a full understanding of costs - you need to include that - but you would be paying that anyway IMHO

We are going to eat TS meals regardless, the biggest thing would be the TS for my 11 year old. However, we could probably convert some of our QS meals to snacks since my kids love the ice creams and pretzels and popcorn etc.

So we would pay tips regardless.