Trying to decide between Boardwalk and Boulder Ridge for the princess half. BRV is my favorite resort, but wondering if the convince of BWV during a race weekend is worth it, but I’ve never stayed at the Epcot resorts. My questions are

  1. How is the food situation at BWV? I’ve read that it isn’t so convenient. There are 3 great, possibilities at BRV.
  2. MK and HS are my favorite parks, I love just being in these 2 even if I’m not doing rides.
  3. I find BRV to be so peaceful and relaxing. How is the atmosphere at BWV? It seems like it would be more entertaining and less relaxing. Thoughts?
  4. Getting back to the resort after the race, obviously it’s easier to just walk to BWV. But wondering if I could monorail to MK and 5en just take the boat back to BRV. This year, I rode the bus back to Copper Creek, which was fine, just took a while.

This will be a solo trip so I only have to worry about getting myself around. Thank for your help. Of course, this all assuming there will be some kind of normalcy to the race weekend.

For QS it’s fairly limited although the bakery offers some good options, and the QS at Beach Club is a few minutes stroll away too.
But for TS it’s a location that cannot be beat! Lots of amazing options right there!

Yes but it’s not necessarily going to be a fast option. You would monorail to TTC, change to MK line, stop at MK, get to ferry, wait for ferry and then head back to WL.

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I have monorailed to CR and hopped on the boat there.

Ooh good bypass. Still requires a change at TTC but might be a bit faster in the end

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