BWV trip planning

Good morning I am wondering where self parking is for BWV. Starting to plan my first adventure there!

In the parking lot right out in front of the resort. Not far.

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Thanks MDU it seems like you are the go to girl for BWV :slight_smile: is it your favorite resort?

My absolute favorite. (Although I have stayed at Pop 5 times this year, so I know that one like the back of my hand as well.) :wink: I’ll be back at BWV in 15 days! Can’t wait!

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I hope you do not mind if I pick your brain then :slight_smile: We are going in April and after being a little hesitant I am getting excited! It looks like a great place! Do you always walk to DHS from there? It looks live from the villas it’s especially close

It’s about a 15 minute walk and it’s so nice. Right along the ‘river’ and you can see ToT the whole time. As you get closer, you can see the hat and the entrance gates, which, to me, builds the anticipation. I’ve never taken the boat since I enjoy the walk so much. If you exit through the lobby and walk through the parking lot, it makes the walk even shorter.

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[quote=“Plutosmypal, post:5, topic:4655”]
Do you always walk to DHS from there?[/quote]

When staying at the Boardwalk resorts, I like to walk to/from the Studios, but whether I do so may depend on the weather, who I’m traveling with, or whether a dock is just arriving at the dock with a short line. If it’s raining, I may opt for the boat or when I’ve traveled with my parents for whom the walk back to the hotel after a long day walking in the parks might be a little much, then I’ll ride the boat. Otherwise, walking is a pleasant way to get back and forth from the hotel, with no waiting for Disney transportation.

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Have you used the community hall much? Such a nice option for my boys I think DS13 and DS6

Never. Sorry. Hope someone else can help. BWV has always been couples/adult or solo trips for me. I make my kids stay at Pop. :wink: